XCAP helps John Alessio Prepare for August 20th Fight

9 08 2011

John Alessio has fought in several organizations at 170 lbs.
This will probably be his last fight at 170 because he is moving down to155.

John A. has been one of those guys who walks around close to the weight he fights at. He is probably going to drop down a weight class.

As the fighters goes thru training camps, Dr. John Fitzgerald alters their supplement plan from XCAP so they can get the best results.

The fighters usually take more Adrenal Glandular to help with burn out as their training camp goes along and they get closer to fight  time.

Our Xtreme Couture team has John Alessio, Jimmy Jones, John Gunderson, Kyle Griffin  and Brice Ritani-Coe fighting on the card.

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XCAP Launches in The UK

10 03 2011

XCAP is now conveniently located in The United Kingdom.  Expect that your supplements will be shipped to you with ease and efficiency.  Check out www.XCAPUK.com and also Xtreme Couture UK on Facebook.

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109 (very detailed)

5 02 2010

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109

I have gotten a few emails asking how we change Randy’s supplement schedule.

Randy takes quite a bit of supplements to keep him in top form.

For the last 2 training camps we have modified a few things based off what was needed from micronutrient testing.

(Randy has been in 3 back to back to back training camps at age 46.  Most fighters half his age are burned out after 1 training camp, let alone 3 in a row.  This is what we do to keep him going)

Remember, this is extensive because it is an example of what an elite athlete needs to do to keep his body functioning at a top level and slow the over oxidation (aging) that occurs when one is doing an extreme amount of exercise.  I am talking about intense workouts, twice a day for months on end.

He is taking the following things daily from XCAP:

(These are the things he takes regularly)

Vita D – 3 drops

Max EFA’s – 6

B12 Nitro – 3

Joint Flex – 3

Optimum T – 6

Adrenal Glandular – 6 to 9 depending on how he feels

IGF Blast – 6

Natural Mins – 4

O2 Plus + – 6 to 8

Xtra Enzymes – 16

4 Ever Greens – 2 scoops

Whey Isolate – 4 scoops

AA Resveratrol – 6

Below are things that he has added because of the constant training camps.  These were only added after extensive testing.  You don’t need to add these things just because Randy is taking them right now.  The basis of his program is the supplements listed above from XCAP.

We added the following things based on lymphocyte micronutrient, spectox and telomere testing:

(These will be taken up to UFC 109 then stopped.  Randy will be retested before his next training camp and we will decide what to from there.)

Phosphatidylserine – 3  (helps lower cortisol and boost testosterone)

Lipid Sirt – 4  (helps stop cholesterol oxidation)

Super Phosphozyme – 2 (balances calcium ratio)

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 3 (reduces oxidation)

CoQ Zyme – 3 (reduces oxidation in mitochondria)

Selenium -1 (anti-oxidant mineral)

Bio B with C – 1 (specific ratio of B vitamins to bring up a low level)

Iodizyme-HP – 1 (iodine for thyroid support)

Chlorocaps – 2 (chlorophyll to support hormones)

Cytozyme PT/HPT – 6 (Pituitary gland support)

Cytozyme orchic – 3 (testicular gland support)

L-Glutamine powder – ½ scoop (amino acid replacement)

NAC – 3 (production of glutathione)

Are you Depressed ?

7 01 2010

Are your depressed?

As you may have noticed, we try to provide a lot of useful information on this blog that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Athletes get depressed just like the rest of the population. The best thing that has been actually proven to help the most with depression is exercise. Getting exercise is not the problem when you are an athlete.

If you are over trained and have become worn down, you may need to just take some time off and reduce the training. This is not an option if you have a fight coming up. I would probably give you an Adrenal Glandular Product, which is used to help restore Adrenal function.

XCAP has 2 such products, Adrenal Glandular and Adrenal Balance.

This can very frequently change your attitude, your recovery rate and get your training back on course.

Serotonin levels typically drop when someone becomes depressed. Interestingly enough, the brain only contains 10% of the Serotonin in your body; the other 90% is in the gut. So what you eat and how you are able to digest it can play a huge part in your serotonin levels.

Foods that promote LOW Serotonin levels
Bread (refined products)
Caffeinated Soda
Pasta (from refined foods)

Foods that promote HIGH Serotonin levels because of their high Tryptophan content
Beef (grass fed)
Chicken (free range)
Pumpkin Seeds

Blood Doc


Adrenal Glandular vs Adrenal Balance

17 10 2009

Adrenal Glandular vs Adrenal Balance

I know I have continually asked you, but I am still trying to get a clear understanding of Adrenal Balance and Adrenal Glandular.

Would it be accurate to say that Adrenal Balance is a more acute “treatment” for specifically stressful events and training, providing a “buffer” for athletes to prevent long term adrenal burnout,while Adrenal Glandular is more suitable to “rebuild” already diminished adrenal glands.

Also, is there a scenario where you would recommend both supplements simultaneously?


Adrenal Glandular is a specific product used to help rebuild adrenal gland function typically from athletic burnout and over training.

Yes, they can be used together.  Sometimes a persons cortisol is off at different times of the day and when I am getting very specific I may give each product at a very specific time based off their lab tests.

Adrenal Balance helps many things and can be used safely to just help your body feel better.  Russians have even looked at job performance ( factory workers) who used coffee, sugar or adaptagenic herbs.  The group that took the adaptagenic herbs made significantly less errors at work and also had less sick days.

For Adrenal Balance, I use it for many things.  It cuts cortisol levels and helps your body adapt to mental and physical stress including exercise.

The Russians were the ones who discovered that “adaptagens” help athletic perfromance and keeps the athlete healthier at the same time.  If athletes take it all season long it helps keep them healthy, improves performance and concentration in their sport and in school.

Also see below from website which I am sure you have read.

Adapotegnic herbs have therapeutic potential for helping to manage stress, enhance metabolism and cellular energy processes, restore mitochondrial function, increase immunity and prevent disease. Adaptogenic herbs also have lead to improvements in mental performance and learning(2).

Adaptogenic herbs are particularly beneficial for athletes as they have been shown be anabolic (tissue building) and prevent-tissue catabolism (muscle mass breakdown)(1). Adaptogenic herbs were originally used by the Soviets to prevent the deleterious effects of overtraining.

Read thru the entire webpage on it because that contains much more info.