Are you Depressed ?

7 01 2010

Are your depressed?

As you may have noticed, we try to provide a lot of useful information on this blog that you probably haven’t heard of before.

Athletes get depressed just like the rest of the population. The best thing that has been actually proven to help the most with depression is exercise. Getting exercise is not the problem when you are an athlete.

If you are over trained and have become worn down, you may need to just take some time off and reduce the training. This is not an option if you have a fight coming up. I would probably give you an Adrenal Glandular Product, which is used to help restore Adrenal function.

XCAP has 2 such products, Adrenal Glandular and Adrenal Balance.

This can very frequently change your attitude, your recovery rate and get your training back on course.

Serotonin levels typically drop when someone becomes depressed. Interestingly enough, the brain only contains 10% of the Serotonin in your body; the other 90% is in the gut. So what you eat and how you are able to digest it can play a huge part in your serotonin levels.

Foods that promote LOW Serotonin levels
Bread (refined products)
Caffeinated Soda
Pasta (from refined foods)

Foods that promote HIGH Serotonin levels because of their high Tryptophan content
Beef (grass fed)
Chicken (free range)
Pumpkin Seeds

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3 responses

7 01 2010
Robert Hersey

I couldn’t have found this at a better time , I’ve just recently come off of anti depressants and have been looking for some natural alternatives , Thank you !

20 01 2010
Jonathan Black

Hey, cheers for the interesting read.

14 06 2010
Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.

Two weeks ago I just did a seminar on this very subject! There are so many people out there that are adrenal fatigued and don’t even know it! Thank you for sharing this incredible information.

Here is a short video introduction that I did on adrenal fatigue –

Yours In Health!

Dr. Wendy
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