XCAP – Healing Power – True Testimonial

13 06 2012

XCAP Testimonial (by Cassio S. Lopes )

“My mother is a 70 years old lady who passed thorugh a complicated problem recently.
She fell down and injured her shoulder. The rotator cuff was partially hurt and the tendons were almost destroyed with this accident.
Doctors made her do a MRI and detected she had a serious damage to her tendons. They diagnosed her and told she will never get her shoulder heal again.
Doctors recommended her to do 50 physioterapy sessions just to allow her to have shoulder movements partiatilly recovered. If she wanted even better results, she should go under surgery. However, as I told previously, my mother is a 70 year old lady and she is diabetic.

I was taking some XCAP supplements and I thought it would worth a try giving her my supplements. i was informed that there are no problems in administrate those supps to diabetic person.
So, I started giving her Xtra Enzymes, Max EFAs, Natural Mins, Joint Flex and B12 Nitro.

One month later, she told me she did not feel her shoulder aching anymore. Two months after start taking XCAP, she felt completely cured.
She went back to the doctor and told the good news. Doctors did not believe her and asked for another MRI. The MRI showed that her tendons were healed.

That was incredible! As a side effect of the supplments ingestion, her sugar levels almost reutrned to normal, her blood pressure regularized and her iron levels got back to normal.
She gained life quality and is more energetic with better overall health condition.

I would like to thank Doc John to provide me some alternative solutions and to XCAP for making state of the art supplements (and send me them to BRAZIL).

Kind regards,
Cassio S. Lopes ”

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New XCAP Supplement Auto-Ship Program

26 07 2011

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5.  Commitments: When you place your order, you can cancel your monthly shipments anytime. There’s no contract to sign and no cancellation penalty. We’re just a phone call away 702.616.1022.

XCAP Launches in The UK

10 03 2011

XCAP is now conveniently located in The United Kingdom.  Expect that your supplements will be shipped to you with ease and efficiency.  Check out www.XCAPUK.com and also Xtreme Couture UK on Facebook.

Mineral Depletion in our Food Supply

26 02 2010

One big cause of burn out among athletes is not getting enough minerals (electrolytes).

Sometimes I hear people say that you can just eat well and you get everything you need from food.  That actually hasn’t been true for several generations.

In 1936, some astute scientists were blowing the whistle that commercial fertilizers were not adding back into the soil the nutrients and trace minerals necessary for healthy plants.

“No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health”?

This statement was made at the 74th Congress of the United States way back in 1936.

In 80 years, the amount of calcium in apples has dropped 48%; phosphorous 84%; iron 96%; and magnesium, has dropped 82%.

Today, most industrial farmers have still not learned this lesson. So, year after year soil minerals are depleted.

For example, in 1914 an apple contained almost half the minimum daily requirement of iron, but today you would have to eat 26 apples to get the same amount. Iron is not the only nutrient depleted.

In today’s society, we start with depleted nutrients in our food. Then we process the food to remove the enzymes to make sure they stay on the shelf longer. Then we cook or microwave them, which further inactivates many of the nutrients and food factors.

Look at these statistics focusing on the mineral calcium in a few common foods. In the last 80 years the amount of calcium has declined 81% in cabbage, 92% in lettuce, 56% in spinach, and 48% in apples. These are absolutely massive drops in the mineral levels in our foods.

During the same time period magnesium levels have dropped by 77% in cabbage, 91% in lettuce, 35% in spinach, and as I said earlier, 82% in apples. Iron levels dropped from 60% to 99% in the same vegetables.

These huge drops in mineral levels are occurring in all our fresh foods.  It’s not just fruits and vegetables; the same types of things are happening with chicken, beef, rice etc. We see not only mineral depletions but vitamin reductions as well.

From these statistics you can easily see why it is important to take supplements.

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109 (very detailed)

5 02 2010

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109

I have gotten a few emails asking how we change Randy’s supplement schedule.

Randy takes quite a bit of supplements to keep him in top form.

For the last 2 training camps we have modified a few things based off what was needed from micronutrient testing.

(Randy has been in 3 back to back to back training camps at age 46.  Most fighters half his age are burned out after 1 training camp, let alone 3 in a row.  This is what we do to keep him going)

Remember, this is extensive because it is an example of what an elite athlete needs to do to keep his body functioning at a top level and slow the over oxidation (aging) that occurs when one is doing an extreme amount of exercise.  I am talking about intense workouts, twice a day for months on end.

He is taking the following things daily from XCAP:

(These are the things he takes regularly)

Vita D – 3 drops

Max EFA’s – 6

B12 Nitro – 3

Joint Flex – 3

Optimum T – 6

Adrenal Glandular – 6 to 9 depending on how he feels

IGF Blast – 6

Natural Mins – 4

O2 Plus + – 6 to 8

Xtra Enzymes – 16

4 Ever Greens – 2 scoops

Whey Isolate – 4 scoops

AA Resveratrol – 6

Below are things that he has added because of the constant training camps.  These were only added after extensive testing.  You don’t need to add these things just because Randy is taking them right now.  The basis of his program is the supplements listed above from XCAP.

We added the following things based on lymphocyte micronutrient, spectox and telomere testing:

(These will be taken up to UFC 109 then stopped.  Randy will be retested before his next training camp and we will decide what to from there.)

Phosphatidylserine – 3  (helps lower cortisol and boost testosterone)

Lipid Sirt – 4  (helps stop cholesterol oxidation)

Super Phosphozyme – 2 (balances calcium ratio)

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 3 (reduces oxidation)

CoQ Zyme – 3 (reduces oxidation in mitochondria)

Selenium -1 (anti-oxidant mineral)

Bio B with C – 1 (specific ratio of B vitamins to bring up a low level)

Iodizyme-HP – 1 (iodine for thyroid support)

Chlorocaps – 2 (chlorophyll to support hormones)

Cytozyme PT/HPT – 6 (Pituitary gland support)

Cytozyme orchic – 3 (testicular gland support)

L-Glutamine powder – ½ scoop (amino acid replacement)

NAC – 3 (production of glutathione)

Have your kids been Sick this winter?

17 01 2010

I posted this because I get questions about what to give sick kids all the time and when I look on facebook, I see a lot of posts about sick kids. Some of the posts even talks about the stuff parents are giving their kids like Nyquil, cold remedies, etc…

My personal thoughts on all these cold remedies are that they are not only harmful to your kids, but they prolong the illness. Do your own research; I wouldn’t give them to my dog, if I had one.

Just so you know where I am coming from, my 11 year old has never taken a medication such as an antibiotic. I have used many vitamins, minerals, herbs, spices etc. over the years to keep his immune system strong. I am not saying medications don’t have a place, I am saying that they are widely overused and often cause more problems than they help.

Due to extremely busy schedules as most of you can relate to, I got a bit lazy in what I was giving my kids for breakfast. So as a result, my kids were sick a bunch last school year. My now 6 year old missed 30 days of school last year. He was in kindergarten and the kids passed around one virus after the next.

So I made some changes to their breakfast after the school year to optimize their immune systems. I admit it, we were lazy and were just giving our kids cereal for breakfast. Obviously, cereal is quick and easy, but it is not what I would consider a healthy breakfast and for that matter I would consider it a bunch of crap.

This school year, my 6 year old has only missed a couple of days and he wasn’t really sick on those couple days, he basically had a sniffle and I let him stay home and play video games.

Here is how I changed what I was giving the kids at breakfast. I now make them a shake with the following ingredients.

I use 2 cups of ice water,
1 scoop 4Ever Greens (from XCAP)
2 scoops of Whey Isolate (from XCAP)
1 gram NAC
5 grams L-glutamine
I blend it and give my 11 yr old about 60% and my 6 yr old 40%.

Then I do a couple more things.

I give my 11 yr old 2 drops of Vita D (from XCAP) and my 6 yr old 1 drop.

(you may have seen a blog I posted earlier where I said that a blood vitamin D level above 60 is related to a strong immune system and many scientists believe that this level makes it almost impossible to get the flu)

I give my 11 yr old 4 Natural Mins (from XCAP) and my 6 yr old 2 Natural Mins. They chew them up and swallow them.

The last thing I do is I give them both MaxEFA’s (from XCAP). They break them open with their teeth, swallow the liquid and spit out the gel cap. My 11 yr old takes 3 and my 6 yr old takes 2.

Yes, they bitched and moaned about their new breakfast for 2 weeks. I told them there was no video games or TV in the house unless they drank it. They complained but did it anyway. They stopped complaining and now ask for it for breakfast. So be strong and make the changes.

Sometimes they like to eat some raw nuts while they drink the shake. My 11 year old prefers almonds and my 6 yr old prefers pecans. Personally I like walnuts.

I hope this helps you if you’re having frequent sick kids. I know it helped mine.

Remember, I am not telling you to skip medical care, I am telling you what I did that strengthened my kids immune systems which meant they were much healthier this school year and as parents you want to do the right thing to keep your kids healthy.