New XCAP Supplement Auto-Ship Program

26 07 2011

XCAP’s New Auto – Ship Program is the easiest, most convenient way to save.

You’ll lock in the lowest monthly pricing and NEVER pay shipping as we’ll automatically deliver your supplements to your door each month. You won’t ever have to worry about running out or reordering!

Here are that top 5 reasons the Auto – Ship will be our most popular program with our customers:

1. FREE Shipping: All your products are shipped to you every month for FREE! You will save $6 to $10 (or more) on shipping charges alone.

2. Save More Money: In addition to saving money with our free shipping, all XCAP Auto – Ship products come with discounts of  15% for the first 3 months and then 20% off on all subsequent orders. Members staying with the program over 1 year will receive 30% off!

3. Convenience: As a XCAP Auto – Ship Program Member, you benefit from having your products shipped  right to your door every month, so you’ll never run out. Your orders will be shipped out on the first Monday of each Month. (excluding holidays).

4. Flexible: Need to change what’s on your autoship program, maybe you need to add an item or remove an item from your program, not a problem. It’s 100% flexible. Just call 702.616.1022 and our XCAP representative will help you with your account.

5.  Commitments: When you place your order, you can cancel your monthly shipments anytime. There’s no contract to sign and no cancellation penalty. We’re just a phone call away 702.616.1022.


XCAP Launches in The UK

10 03 2011

XCAP is now conveniently located in The United Kingdom.  Expect that your supplements will be shipped to you with ease and efficiency.  Check out and also Xtreme Couture UK on Facebook.

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109 (very detailed)

5 02 2010

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109

I have gotten a few emails asking how we change Randy’s supplement schedule.

Randy takes quite a bit of supplements to keep him in top form.

For the last 2 training camps we have modified a few things based off what was needed from micronutrient testing.

(Randy has been in 3 back to back to back training camps at age 46.  Most fighters half his age are burned out after 1 training camp, let alone 3 in a row.  This is what we do to keep him going)

Remember, this is extensive because it is an example of what an elite athlete needs to do to keep his body functioning at a top level and slow the over oxidation (aging) that occurs when one is doing an extreme amount of exercise.  I am talking about intense workouts, twice a day for months on end.

He is taking the following things daily from XCAP:

(These are the things he takes regularly)

Vita D – 3 drops

Max EFA’s – 6

B12 Nitro – 3

Joint Flex – 3

Optimum T – 6

Adrenal Glandular – 6 to 9 depending on how he feels

IGF Blast – 6

Natural Mins – 4

O2 Plus + – 6 to 8

Xtra Enzymes – 16

4 Ever Greens – 2 scoops

Whey Isolate – 4 scoops

AA Resveratrol – 6

Below are things that he has added because of the constant training camps.  These were only added after extensive testing.  You don’t need to add these things just because Randy is taking them right now.  The basis of his program is the supplements listed above from XCAP.

We added the following things based on lymphocyte micronutrient, spectox and telomere testing:

(These will be taken up to UFC 109 then stopped.  Randy will be retested before his next training camp and we will decide what to from there.)

Phosphatidylserine – 3  (helps lower cortisol and boost testosterone)

Lipid Sirt – 4  (helps stop cholesterol oxidation)

Super Phosphozyme – 2 (balances calcium ratio)

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 3 (reduces oxidation)

CoQ Zyme – 3 (reduces oxidation in mitochondria)

Selenium -1 (anti-oxidant mineral)

Bio B with C – 1 (specific ratio of B vitamins to bring up a low level)

Iodizyme-HP – 1 (iodine for thyroid support)

Chlorocaps – 2 (chlorophyll to support hormones)

Cytozyme PT/HPT – 6 (Pituitary gland support)

Cytozyme orchic – 3 (testicular gland support)

L-Glutamine powder – ½ scoop (amino acid replacement)

NAC – 3 (production of glutathione)

Pro Skateboarders love XCAP

7 12 2009

Read this post! I think you will find Steve Godoy’s comments are very funny and are typical of what we hear about Optimum T from the people that have tried it.

There are certain activities that require serious balls and this is obviously one of them. Skateboarders are a unique bunch. You have to be a bit crazy to go vertical on a skateboard to these type of heights!

Hey John,

It’s Art Godoy, Steve’s brother.

I wanna say thanks for the Max EFA’s, B12, enzymes, optimum T and Zinc… so great.

Been on it a week, and my shoulder feels better, I mean noticeably. Movement sucks but that will come in time, my first priority was the pain. Really believe in this stuff.

I have been to every kind of therapy you could think of: Massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, cortisone shots, prolotherapy – (b12, glucosamine injections into the capsule and the tendons), Bowen, shiatsu, suction cups, bio-energy healing, reiki… fuck, and I had been eating advils like candy and even started T-3’s…the pain still sucked…no permanent relief… And I really did give each a fair shot!

This condition is the worst, normally taking 2 years to heal and even then, 100% is not reached without exercise, but it’s hard when there is so much pain involved.

The anti-inflammatory properties of your Xtra Enzymes really seem to be doing something, in combination with the EFA’s, B12, Optimum T and the zinc… will update you as time goes by.

Thanks again,
Art Godoy


Blood Doc John,

My twin brother and I have been skateboarding pools and halfpipes since the end of 1976…back when the pads were just pieces of 1/2 inch foam sewed into some stretchy material…( NOT VERY impact resistant!) thru the years we got good and turned pro in 1985. We had a fucken good skate career AS WELL as a bunch of injuries, which as of today still kind of affect us! BUT, still to this day we skate verti, surf and snowboard AND since it’s so ingrained in us, it is definitely NOT something we are going to give up with advancing age (we are 43 in 2009)…

We have always tried to eat right and still have never smoked, drank or did drugs, so we feel our bodies are still physically fit…BUT age really does kinda re arrange our bodies… aches and pains are more prevalent and injuries are harder to bounce back from, not to mention the obvious lack of energy from this bullshit AGING…we need something more than caffeine loaded energy drinks (which we don’t drink anyhow) and vitamins that do NOT deliver the necessary FUEL for us to feel COMPLETE.

I have been taking the following “supplements” from the XCAP product line with really obvious results!
B-12 NITRO– smooth lasting energy throughout the day with no need for an afternoon nap….I feel back to normal, exactly the way it should be.
I take the ZINC CLUTCH too…this puts back in my body the zinc I need to give me the drive …ask Peter North what that does…!!!

I combine these 2 with
OPTIMUM T- I can’t say enough about this one!!!… Besides REGAINING the energy that “living life” drains me from and really feeling the urge to skate and surf more often…well…lets just say that a great side effect from the use of these is that I may just have to hire a harem of women, some concubines or just a few asian masseuses to round out my list of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly physical activities !!!!


The XCAP line of products definitely delivered…