XCAP Supports Wrestling Hall of Fame

6 12 2010

Being a UFC Hall of Fame athlete, Randy Couture knows the significance of being recognized as one of the best of all time. Partially because of this knowledge, but mainly because it was truly the right thing to do, Couture showed his support of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and involved himself with the Nevada Chapter’s annual gold tournament fundraiser. In addition to hole sponsorship, Couture provided authentic memorabilia to be raffled off.

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals whom have made improving wrestling at all levels their life’s work, despite oftentimes not getting the recognition that is deserved. Randy Couture and XCAP have made it a priority to advance the sport and recognize the individuals that enable the public to ultimately enjoy wrestling at the highest level. Through his involvement with The National Wrestling Hall of Fame, Couture has ensured that those individuals whom deserve credit, will be enshrined and honored.


XCAP and Randy Couture proudly support the men and women of the military

6 12 2010

XCAP and Randy Couture have made it that much easier and less expensive for the dedicated members of our military and the Canadian military to get healthy and stay fit. The first offer is for active duty soldiers and is a 20% discount on all products offered by XCAP. To take advantage of this great deal, all that is needed is an email to cs@xcap.tv from an @.mil or an @forces.gc.ca email address to verify active duty status and the rest will be taken care of by XCAP.

For those of you that want to send a care package to a soldier overseas, it is even easier. Simply use the promo code “xcapmil” during checkout and a 20 % discount will be applied to your order. The only condition is that the shipping address must be an APO/FPO address. The billing address can be from anywhere, but the discount will not be applied without an APO/FPO shipping address.

XCAP and Randy Couture are strong supporters of the military and the men and women who defend our country. These discounts are just a small token of our appreciation for all that our military does to keep us safe. It clearly isn’t an easy job and we believe that XCAP products can be a beneficial means of keeping our soldiers sharp and at peak health.

Questions about Randy Couture’s supplement program

11 02 2010

Questions about Randy’s supplement program

From Blood Doc

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to get that many emails about the post about what supplements Randy Couture takes while in training camp.  Joe Rogan mentioned it during UFC 109 and a lot of people went to the website to check it out.

Here are some common questions:

1.  What is micro nutrient testing?

This test measures the function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential “micronutrients” within your white blood cells.  The blood is drawn in your hometown and then shipped to a specialty lab for this testing.  This is advanced testing that most doctors don’t even realize exists.

2.  Why is all this necessary, Randy didn’t take this stuff when he was 20 yrs old and coming up in wrestling?

This is a great question because I get it all the time.

Think about this for yourself.  What could you personally do when you were 20 yrs old in terms of fitness?  What about age 30?  How about age 40?

Now think of how many pro athletes are still competing at age 30.  Age 35.  How about over age 40?

At 20 years old you can overcome a lot of things.  I remember when I was 20, I could stay out until 5 am, no problem.  Sleep a little, go exercise and do it again the next night.  At 40, I need much more recovery time.

Replacing nutrients and optimizing your body chemistry makes a huge difference the older you are.    Comparing what someone was able to do at 20 years old compared to what you have to do at age 40 to keep up is a relative measurement.

The sooner you start taking care of yourself with a healthy diet and supplements, the better off you will be.

3. My doctor doesn’t run all these tests for nutrients, how did you find out about them?

Some of the more forward thinking organizations that doctors go to such as A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging and IFM Institute of Functional Medicine, have continuing education programs that focus on the latest advancements.

4. Does it really matter where I get my supplements?

Yes it does.  XCAP is manufactured in a FDA audited facility and manufactured with a pharmaceutical license.

Check out any sports supplement and see how they are regulated and where they are made.  You will be shocked when you find the answers to that question.  The typical company sends bids out to providers of raw materials and literally buys the cheapest ingredients they can get from facilities that I wouldn’t dissect a frog in.  Then they put fancy labels on this garbage and say it is the best stuff in the world.  That way, they have the largest profit spread when selling the product.

Think of it this way, you can buy a kit to convert an old Volkswagen to look like a Ferrari.  Some of them actually look good enough that you do a double take when they drive by.  But in reality, it is NOT a Ferrari and does not perform like a Ferrari.

XCAP is the Ferrari of sports supplements.  I can end any argument quickly by simply asking if their products are manufactured in a FDA audited facility and what methods are used to check the raw materials of their ingredients.

Dr. John Fitzgerald ~ The Blood Doctor

1 12 2009

By Steven Risley – MMAspot.net

Randy Couture was asked in a recent MMA FanHouse interview how he maintains such a good physical condition that allows him to fight twice in three months at the age of 46.

The last couple years I’ve spent a lot of time getting my blood chemistry evaluated, taking the supplements and eating the things that my blood chemistry says I should be. That’s been the biggest thing the last couple years, age 45 and 46,” Couture replied.

So, who is evaluating Randy’s blood, and who is choosing his supplements and telling him what to eat? The answer is Dr. John Fitzgerald.

Dr. Fitzgerald has earned Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, and Doctorate of Chiropractic degrees, and he became very serious about nutrition after learning his father had been diagnosed with cancer. He attended numerous seminars and eventually connected with Dr. Harry Eidener Jr, the man who is largely responsible for refining “optimal” blood levels after conducting a multi-year study involving more than 10,000 subjects.

In 1994, Dr. Fitzgerald started treating patients with nutritional medicine. By 1998 he was the team doctor for the Carolina Hurricanes, a team in the now disbanded minor league of the NFL. Since then he has worked with college and professional athletes involved with many sports including tennis, power lifting, wrestling, and most recently mixed martial arts.

Dr. Fitzgerald, who has come to be known as Blood Doc John, works not only with Randy Couture but also other Xtreme Couture athletes such as Gray Maynard and Martin Kampmann. Along with Randy, Dr. Fitzgerald is now offering the same supplements his athletes take to the public through Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals, or XCAP. The partnership with Randy and Xtreme Couture all started when the doctor got a new patient named Phil Friedman, who happens to be one of Randy’s training partners.


Blood Doc John: Phil told others at Xtreme Couture the great results he got and things took off from there. What is crazy about this is that I was really burned out from seeing patients and wasn’t interested in seeing patients anymore, but this relationship has been good for us both and I have a renewed enthusiasm from the fun I have had working with athletes again.

Spot: What kind of results did Phil Friedman have?

BDJ: His energy returned, resting and recovery heart rate returned to normal, he could sleep again, and his episodes of dizziness left.

Spot: How long did it take Phil to see these results?

BDJ: Four days, the adrenal glandular works very fast.

Spot: Randy Couture not only endorses XCAP but uses various products, what kind of results has he reported?

BDJ: His recovery is much better now. A big thing to look at is how fast one can recover. This is what allows an athlete to go train again.

Spot: Why do you recommend the Paleo diet over all other eating plans?

BDJ: The Paleo diet helps provide the necessary nutrition for an athlete to perform and recover. I like the idea with the Paleo diet of burning fat for fuel rather than being a person whose body relies on burning sugar.

I am not a believer at all in this thought of putting carbs in your body making you burn sugar as fuel. The goal is to have a more sustained release of fuel which comes in the source of fats.

I encourage you to read the book “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain for a complete overview. In a nutshell it means eating meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. No grains, whole or processed. Athletes that eat this way have a better hormone profile, better blood work, and are leaner.

Spot: You treated patients with nutritional medicine for years, what nutritional advice could you give those suffering from cancer?

BDJ: I won’t give much advice because if you do you are asking for trouble. Probably the most successful clinicians doing cancer work that is cutting edge and not chemo or radiation have been attacked by a government that is primarily controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Cancer statistics in this country are poor and the best cancer doctors and clinics are forced to go offshore by the government. I bet you didn’t know this, many researchers have speculated that if the entire population was given vitamin D, cancer rates would drop by 65 percent.

The most successful man I have ever heard of with cancer was called the greatest mind of our time by Einstein [Dr. Emanuel Revici 1896-1997]. He pioneered many approaches through his biochemistry background and for his rewards, his medical license was taken away after he saved thousands of people. I believe the book wrote about him was called “The Man who Cured Cancer.”

Spot: I know we have some diabetic readers could you give them some basic advice as well?

BDJ: Eat meat and veggies for your meals and you will see your blood sugar start to lower. Eating any grains will make you worse. Also no potatoes, there are many things in the literature that indicate benefits as well such as chromium, vanadyl sulfate, magnesium, B-vitamins, alpha lipoic acid and cinnamon etc.

However, big clause so I don’t get shut down from a pharmaceutical company, check with your doctor before doing anything or changing anything that you are currently doing.

Spot: I think it is safe to say that you feel most people need more vitamin D. What are the best methods for increasing the amount of vitamin D in the body?

BDJ: We have the best product for increasing vitamin D and that is Vita D. There is even published research about it in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Vol. 93.

Spot: What are some common nutritional mistakes you see your athletes make?

BDJ: Too many to list. Eating junk food and drinking pop is devastating to most that choose to do it.

Spot: In your experience what are the most common deficiencies in athletes?

BDJ: Mineral deficiencies are very common. Soil is depleted of minerals from farming methods, so the food we eat is typically depleted in minerals. Athletes make the problem worse by losing minerals in sweat and not replacing them. I generally have athletes take 4 Natural Mins (XCAP) after each workout and have them take Zinc Clutch every meal until they can taste it, which means they can take less Zinc Clutch.

Spot: After a long practice, or even in the middle on one, many athletes reach for a product like Gatorade to re-energize themselves. Is this a wise practice, could it be improved upon?

BDJ: The question really becomes what is a “long” practice. If you’re talking MMA, football or wrestling, the athlete is better off to make a recovery drink with protein and greens like we recommend on the XCAP website.

If you really want to do it right, do this. Make a shake with one cup ice cubes. 1/4 cup pomegranate juice, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, two scoops Whey Isolate, one scoop 4Ever Greens. You have just made yourself a very potent anti-aging cocktail for breakfast.

Spot: What can an athlete do with nutrition and supplements to eliminate or lessen the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness?

BDJ: Take six to ten Xtra Enzymes on an empty stomach immediately after exercise and do it again before bed.

Spot: Could you explain to me the difference between acidic and alkaline blood, and how they relate to athletic performance?

BDJ: You produce acid when you exercise. Your body must buffer this acid. If your body is acidic, the buffer system is low and this will hurt your endurance. You can help build the buffer system back up with Natural Mins (These major minerals are alkaline), 4Ever Greens and Adrenal Balance helps also.

Spot: Are there any food or drinks that an athlete should stay away from in terms of acidity?

BDJ: Sodas are not good at all and should be avoided.

Spot: Soda has came up twice as a substance to stay away from, what’s so bad about these drinks?

BDJ: Acidic, high fructose corn syrup the worst type of sugar there is. The “diet” really isn’t any better. The artificial sweeteners mess you up as much as the sugar.

Spot: Would moderate and reasonable consumption of alcohol undermine an athlete’s performance?

BDJ: I am not big at all on drinking alcohol if you are an athlete. A lot of this stuff goes into how far you want to take it. The best athletes I know rarely drink.

Spot: Speaking of endurance, there is one product on your website, O2 Plus+, which is labeled specifically for endurance. Could you explain what O2 Plus+ is, and what it does for athletic performance?

BDJ: It is tablets made from vegetable cultures that are full of methyl donors… yeah, i know…what the hell does that mean? Read about it on the website because it goes way deep into explanation, but basically it allows for use of another energy pathway.

Spot: Now, B12 Nitro is for an energy boost, how does this differ from the effects of O2 Plus+?

BDJ: O2 Plus+ is much more noticeable immediately and more effective, unless the person is deficient in B12 which happens to be a lot more common than you would think. That is a perfect example of why we do blood work.

Spot: How much does the blood testing usually cost for a new patient and how long does it take to get the results?

BDJ: Some athletes bring me blood work and others I set up appointments for them to get their blood drawn. They pay for the lab work with cash or insurance and then pay me $300 per hour to help them. Some athletes want me for one hour and then another 30 minutes every now and then, while others ask for substantially more time.

So the cost really depends on them and what they want. Some blood work I get back in two days and some takes two weeks depending on what tests are ordered.

Spot: We’ve talked about how supplements and nutrition can effect recovery and endurance, are there strategies for increasing speed or strength?

BDJ: Yes there are. That is why we do blood work and hormone testing. There are many nutritional deficiencies that cause glandular hypofunction which lowers hormone levels. We check these and then address the cause.

Spot: Could you go into some detail about the 4Ever Greens product and why you recommend it over other green drinks?

BDJ: It is 100% greens. Most products are only 20% greens and the rest is filler. It is organic so it is not full of pesticides. Pesticides produce estrogen – It contains strong anti-estrogen ingredients from broccoli sprouts. It comes from heirloom seeds rather than genetically modified vegetables. It contains high levels of anti-oxidants to reduce free radical damage. Heavy exercise produces lots of free radicals. This happens to be a product that we can talk about all day because it has so many far reaching benefits. I haven’t even gotten into the anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits but I will stop here for time.

Spot: In a blog posted November 4th you say, “Joint Flex works better than Ibuprofen.” How is that possible and does Joint Flex just take away pain or help rebuild cartilage?

BDJ: It does both. There is a bunch of research on the ingredients. I like to post stuff on the blog that is informative. The goal of XCAP.tv is to become an information center.

Spot: Is Joint Flex something an athlete should consider taking if they are not currently experiencing any joint pain?

BDJ: Probably not. However, many girls take it because it helps their hair and nails grow healthy and strong. I know, now you want to know all about that also.

Spot: You’ve talked a little about Adrenal Glandular, but there is another similarly named product called Adrenal Balance. One is labeled as being for “stress response” while the other is “stress adaptation,” could you compare and contrast these two products?

BDJ: Most of these questions you are asking me can have very long answers so I am keeping this short and to the point. When I get too complicated, people’s eyes tend to gloss over. Adrenal Glandular is a specific product used to help rebuild adrenal glandular function typically from athletic burnout and over training. Adrenal Balance is used for many more things. It includes adaptogenic herbs that helps your body adapt to mental and physical stress.

I suggest reading about these in depth on the XCAP website. I also have a whole section on the adrenal glands under the “Learning Center” on the website.

Spot: Are there any warning signs of having low levels of vitamin D or B?

BDJ: That question requires too long of an answer. Every B vitamin has different warning signs and vitamin D also has a list. If you get to the point of being that low, you are really deficient. I want to pick up the levels when they are not optimal, which is a big difference from being at the point of developing an end stage sign.

Spot: What about zinc?

BDJ: It has so many functions in the body. But in general you can associate it with a weak immune system, finger nail problems, and scarring. Realize low zinc can make your hormone levels low including slowing your thyroid and lowering testosterone. Low zinc levels are very common and that is why we have the product Zinc Clutch.

Spot: There are literally thousands of whey supplements out there, even in a Walmart there are often ten or more different options. What is it that makes your Whey Isolate stand out?

BDJ: There are different grades and purities. Whey Isolate from XCAP is at the top. It is a medical grade un-denatured isolate. Those others are a substantially lower grade and substantially cheaper in quality and what they will do for you.

Spot: Looking over the professional fighter supplement schedule on XCAP.tv, I saw Randy Couture takes AA Resveratrol Blast, which is said to be for anti-aging. Would you give a summary of what this product does and how it works?

BDJ: This also is a product that has way too many benefits for me to cover here. Go to the products page on the website. Look up AA Resveratrol. As you scroll down you will see “Why our AA Resveratrol and not others” read it. Then read Resveratrol Citations. Here is the PDF. https://www.xcap.tv/Resveratrol%20citations.pdf You will find 50 peer reviewed research articles on benefits of resveratrol. You will be amazed when you read it.

You probably don’t know what this means but two of those citations are catching the anti-aging community and research community by storm. They are “Prolongs life of cells via Sirtuin 1 gene” and “Promotes DNA repair via Sirtuin 1 gene” These are two big reasons why Randy Couture takes this product.

Spot: Should a generally healthy athlete, with no intention of turning pro, concern themselves with blood work and properly matching the needed supplements – or would the more general products such as 4Ever Greens and Whey Isolate be all that’s needed?

BDJ: I would also add Max EFA’s, Natural Mins and Vita D. These together will pretty much cover you. If you are not feeling as good as you should, then we should do the blood work.

Spot: Are the XCAP products vegetarian friendly?

BDJ: A lot of that is determined by how strict of a vegetarian you are. Max EFA’s contain fish oil, Adrenal Glandular has adrenal tissue (porcine), whey protein offends some vegetarians etc. Interestingly enough, XCAP products are commonly made from patented processes using vegetable cultures. Two of our premier products, O2 Plus and 4Ever Greens are made from vegetables.

Spot: You have fifteen core products listed on your site – do any of these supplements negatively interact?

BDJ: These products do not negatively interact with each other.

Spot: With supplementation being an unregulated industry how can a person protect themselves from taking a product which may contain mostly filler or worse, be harmful to their health?

BDJ: This is very hard to do unless you really limit what company you are buying from. People are always thinking I am overly cautious because I only recommend XCAP and Biotics Research made products for pro athletes. I do this because they have a pharmaceutical license and are therefore strictly regulated. Other nutrition companies are not regulated like this.

Look at the blog I just posted on the XCAP website about the FDA testing 31 products from Bodybuilding.com and 26 of them tested positive for one steroid. I think if you just go and buy these unregulated products, you are likely to have some sort of issue. That is not smart, buy the highest quality government regulated products which are available at www.XCAP.tv

Spot: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me Dr. Fitzgerald, I am all out of questions. Is there anything you would like to add?

BDJ: Make sure you check out the website because I am putting up a blog about the advanced tests we did on Randy Couture before this training camp. Very interesting because we even did telomere testing, which was related to the 2009 Nobel Prize discoveries in cellular aging.

I would like fighters reading this to know that XCAP just started a fighter sponsorship program and to contact XCAP for details. This is an innovative program to really help the fighter rather than to just put their name on a label. If you really want help and good advice, this is for you.

Vitamin D Research

29 11 2009

Our Vitamin D product from XCAP (Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals) is called Vita D.

The authors of a U.S. study have linked higher blood levels of vitamin D to lower rates of metabolic syndrome, as well as improved cholesterol and triglyceride profiles in the blood (Maki KC et al 2009).

What the study found: heart and diabetes risks
Researchers analyzed vitamin D blood levels in 257 men and women.

The participants’ intake of vitamin D from foods and supplements was estimated using diet questionnaires, and the results showed several things:
• Higher vitamin D blood levels showed 64 percent reduction in risk of metabolic syndrome.
• Higher vitamin D blood levels were associated with higher levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol.
• Higher vitamin D blood levels were associated with lower triglyceride (blood fat) levels.
Higher vitamin D blood levels were associated with having a lower body mass index and smaller waist.

As the researchers noted, the cholesterol finding is important because every 1 mg/dL increase in HDL levels is associated with a five percent reduction in the risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD).

In other words, if you exclude the influence of all other risk factors, a 10 ng/mL increase in vitamin D blood levels could decrease the risk of CHD by about 20 percent.

To help ensure optimal health, most vitamin D researchers recommend minimum blood levels ranging from 36 to 48 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter), but three in four Americans fall well short of that mark.

The most recent survey of Americans’ blood levels pegged the average blood level in the U.S. at a subpar 24 ng/mL, while six percent had very unhealthy levels (i.e., lower than 10 ng/mL) and only 23 percent had healthy levels of 30 ng/mL or higher (Ginde AA et al. 2009).

(On athletes who we do blood work for we strive for a reading of 65 -85)

Joint Flex works better than Ibuprofen

4 11 2009

Joint Flex works better than Ibuprofen

In a double – blind study comparing glucosamine sulfate to ibuprofen in treatment of osteoarthritis of the knees, glucosamine sulfate (an ingredient in Joint Flex from XCAP) was found to be slower in alleviating symptoms but MORE EFFECTIVE over an eight week period.
Vaz AL Double-blind clinical evaluation of the relative efficacy of ibuprofen and glucoseamine sulfate in the management of osteoarthritis of the knee in out-patients. Curr Med Res Opin. 1982; (3): 145-149

A large, multi-center trial in Portugal involving 252 physicians and 1208 subjects found oral supplementation to be MORE EFFECTIVE than all previous treatments (except glucosamine injection) in REDUCTING PAIN from exercise and decreasing limitations on active and passive movement after 6 to 12 weeks.

More benefits from 4Ever Greens

2 11 2009

4Ever Greens from XCAP (Xtreme Couture Pharmaceuticals)

Our greens contain broccoli sprouts which has far reaching benefits, including Joint Health, Beautiful Skin, and Anti-Cancer properties.

Broccoli is a rich source of sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane is a potent activator of glutathione and a powerful inducer of Phase 2 enzymes that regulate Joint Health.

Sulforaphane has been shown to counter the poisonous effects to the body from free radicals.

Sulforaphane has been shown to have powerful chemoprotective properties.

Most of the pro MMA fighters at Xtreme Couture including Randy Couture, Ray Sefo, Jay Hieron, Gray Maynard, Martin Kampmann and many more take 4Ever Greens mixed with Whey Isolate after each training session.