Food Sensitivities – Detailed Verson

24 02 2012

We knew that having Dr. Fitzgerald talk about different health topics would be useful to many people but we had no idea it would be this popular.  He had so many questions and thank you’s from the food sensitivity video that he made another video about food sensitivities that goes into more detail.

We hope these videos help you.

Make sure you go onto YOU TUBE and subscribe to his channel: BloodDocJohn

Also, Dr. Fitzgerald’s book on Fat Loss can be purchased at



2 responses

24 02 2012
Dr. Pappas

Interesting theory here, but there are a lot of variables that play a role in pulse (stress, change of position, postures, presence or absence of pain). We are dynamic creatures that have mechanisms for adaptation of pulse, blood pressure, etc. I guess the key would be consistency. Consistently getting a pulse response would clue a patient/person onto a sensitivity. We often just go the route of comprehensive blood analysis for food sensitivities so we can get a panel of 90+ things done at one time. Often with sensitivities, there is multiple things that people are sensitive too so finding them quickly in 1 panel is what we prefer. – Dr. Pappas

24 02 2012

There are variables that can cause changes in anything. For instance, a small percentage of people get high blood pressure readings because they get stressed knowing they are about to get their blood pressure taken.

Minimize the variables. Don’t get up and move around between pulse tests and do the test yourself which minimizes stress if you are one of the small minority that actually stresses about those things.

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