XCAP – Healing Power – True Testimonial

13 06 2012

XCAP Testimonial (by Cassio S. Lopes )

“My mother is a 70 years old lady who passed thorugh a complicated problem recently.
She fell down and injured her shoulder. The rotator cuff was partially hurt and the tendons were almost destroyed with this accident.
Doctors made her do a MRI and detected she had a serious damage to her tendons. They diagnosed her and told she will never get her shoulder heal again.
Doctors recommended her to do 50 physioterapy sessions just to allow her to have shoulder movements partiatilly recovered. If she wanted even better results, she should go under surgery. However, as I told previously, my mother is a 70 year old lady and she is diabetic.

I was taking some XCAP supplements and I thought it would worth a try giving her my supplements. i was informed that there are no problems in administrate those supps to diabetic person.
So, I started giving her Xtra Enzymes, Max EFAs, Natural Mins, Joint Flex and B12 Nitro.

One month later, she told me she did not feel her shoulder aching anymore. Two months after start taking XCAP, she felt completely cured.
She went back to the doctor and told the good news. Doctors did not believe her and asked for another MRI. The MRI showed that her tendons were healed.

That was incredible! As a side effect of the supplments ingestion, her sugar levels almost reutrned to normal, her blood pressure regularized and her iron levels got back to normal.
She gained life quality and is more energetic with better overall health condition.

I would like to thank Doc John to provide me some alternative solutions and to XCAP for making state of the art supplements (and send me them to BRAZIL).

Kind regards,
Cassio S. Lopes ”

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XCAP | Different types of fat in your body

27 03 2012

Here is an important point that Dr. Fitzgerald makes about the different types of fat in your body.


We hope these videos help you.

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We need your opinion for a book title – Please comment

24 02 2011

We have narrowed the title to 2 choices for Dr. John Fitzgerald’s book on fat loss.


Please comment on which Title you prefer

1. Fat Loss the Truth



2. Factual Fat Loss


Subtitle is:

Why the Medical Research might just Shock you



This book contains over 30 research studies and you will likely have an epiphany after reading it.  It is contains exactly what worked for people losing fat.  All the Facts without the Fluff.


New Weight Loss Book Needs a Title

8 02 2011

Dr. John Fitzgerald’s weight loss book is currently going through the final touches.

We would like to hear your suggestions for a title.

Please put your suggestions in the comment section below.

If you title is chosen, you will receive an autographed copy on the first run of the book.