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13 06 2012

XCAP Testimonial (by Cassio S. Lopes )

“My mother is a 70 years old lady who passed thorugh a complicated problem recently.
She fell down and injured her shoulder. The rotator cuff was partially hurt and the tendons were almost destroyed with this accident.
Doctors made her do a MRI and detected she had a serious damage to her tendons. They diagnosed her and told she will never get her shoulder heal again.
Doctors recommended her to do 50 physioterapy sessions just to allow her to have shoulder movements partiatilly recovered. If she wanted even better results, she should go under surgery. However, as I told previously, my mother is a 70 year old lady and she is diabetic.

I was taking some XCAP supplements and I thought it would worth a try giving her my supplements. i was informed that there are no problems in administrate those supps to diabetic person.
So, I started giving her Xtra Enzymes, Max EFAs, Natural Mins, Joint Flex and B12 Nitro.

One month later, she told me she did not feel her shoulder aching anymore. Two months after start taking XCAP, she felt completely cured.
She went back to the doctor and told the good news. Doctors did not believe her and asked for another MRI. The MRI showed that her tendons were healed.

That was incredible! As a side effect of the supplments ingestion, her sugar levels almost reutrned to normal, her blood pressure regularized and her iron levels got back to normal.
She gained life quality and is more energetic with better overall health condition.

I would like to thank Doc John to provide me some alternative solutions and to XCAP for making state of the art supplements (and send me them to BRAZIL).

Kind regards,
Cassio S. Lopes ”

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Do you have a Chronic Cough? We Can Help.

5 08 2011

Try B12 Nitro from XCAP, it may just get rid of your cough.

A new study shows that deficiency of vitamin B12 might be a factor in unexplained chronic cough and dysfunction of the pharynx and larynx.

Vitamin B12 supplements improved histamine thresholds and significantly raised the cough threshold in patients with vitamin deficiency.

The study, presented here at the World Allergy Organization XXI World Allergy Congress by Giuseppe Guida, MD, from Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of Turin and Mauriziano Hospital in Italy, examined the effect of histamine on the cough threshold and the upper and lower airway responsiveness in patients with unexplained cough.

The current study looked at 40 patients with chronic unexplained cough. Of these, 25 were found to have vitamin B12 deficiency (serum levels <300 pg/mL); the control group consisted of 15 chronic-cough patients with no detected nutritional deficiency.

Patients deficient in vitamin B12 were found to have significantly lower threshold values for extrathoracic airway and cough, but bronchial thresholds did not differ from those of control subjects.

Vitamin B12 supplementation improved histamine thresholds (reduced hyperresponsiveness) in vitamin-deficient patients without significantly changing them in control subjects. This improvement was found in bronchial (P < .01),
extrathoracic airway (P < .001), and cough (P <.01) thresholds.

“Supplementation is certainly very easy to perform”, Dr. Guida told Medscape Allergy and Immunology. “So, theoretically, there is a good way to treat this disease.”

“Of course, we need more data to confirm the fact that there is a strong association between these 2 cofactors [chronic cough and the B12 deficiency],” acknowledged Dr. Guida. However, “if this is the case, [this] could be a
very easy way to help these people,” he said, “especially because they are older and it’s a very easy medication to [administer].”

Try 1-3 B12 Nitro lozenges from XCAP per day.

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XCAP Launches in The UK

10 03 2011

XCAP is now conveniently located in The United Kingdom.  Expect that your supplements will be shipped to you with ease and efficiency.  Check out www.XCAPUK.com and also Xtreme Couture UK on Facebook.

B12 .. Oral vs Injection ????

6 01 2011

I get a lot of questions about B12 shots.  It is usually something like this, “Doc, should I get shots or is B12 Nitro from XCAP strong enough?”

B12 Nitro is extremely effective.


Here is some info:


A study appeared in Blood (August 15, 1998;92 (4):1191-1198) that looked at 38 patients who were diagnosed with vitamin B12deficiency.

The patients were given either a 1 milligram intramuscular injection of cobalamin (on days 1, 3, 7, 10, 14, 21, 30, 60 and 90) or a two milligram oral dose for four months. After four months of therapy, cobalamin levels where higher , and homocysteine levels and methylmalonic acid levels were lower in the group receiving the oral therapy.

That means that the oral dose was more effective than the shot!


An article that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (January 2, 1991;265(1):94-95 ) reviewed the potential of oral B12 therapy for patients with pernicious anemia. A Swedish study found that patients with pernicious anemia were effectively treated with one milligram of oral B12 per day.


B12 Nitro lozenges contain 2 mg. of vitamin B12 and 800 mcg of folic acid in a tasty lozenge that is well tolerated by both the elderly and small children.


The authors of the JAMA article state that the time has come for the use of oral cobalamin therapy. It is cheaper and less invasive than injections.


B12 and Sleep

5 01 2011

At XCAP, our B12 product is called B12 Nitro.

You may find that B12 Nitro improves your sleep.  Give it a try.

According to the CDC, approximately 29% of American adults report sleeping for less than seven hours per night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

There are some small studies that show that vitamin B12 supplementation may be beneficial to patients with problems sleeping.

One study that appeared in the Japanese Journal of Psychiatry and Neurobiology (1991;45(1):165-166) looked at five patients between the ages of 14 and 60 with a variety of sleep problems, including insomnia, delayed sleep-phase syndrome, non- 24-hour sleep-wake rhythm disorder and depression. The patients were successfully treated with 4.5 milligrams of vitamin B12 per day, divided into three equal doses.

Another study that was presented at the 5th World Congress of Biological

Psychiatry in 1991 had eight subjects between the ages of 12 and 63, with a variety of sleep-wake rhythm disorders. Patients were given 1.5 milligrams of vitamin B12 three times per day.

Symptoms improved in the patients with the sleep-wake rhythm disorder, in the patients with insomnia and in one of the patients with the delayed sleep-phase syndrome.

The authors of the second study noted that patients with sleep issues who respond to B12 therapy are not necessarily deficient in vitamin B12.

Flu and Allergies info for you

15 12 2010

I copied this excerpt about the Flu and Allergies that was in a newsletter that goes out to doctors.  I thought you would find it informative.

Starts Here:

I am reminded of a story Dr. John Cannell told at the IAACN a few years ago. Dr. Cannell is a physician at a psychiatric unit in California. Knowing the research on vitamin D and how it facilitates a healthy immune system, he placed a group of his patients on optimal levels of vitamin D.

That year the flu was unusually virulent and just about everyone in the hospital got sick… nurses, support staff and patients in other areas of the hospital. Everyone, that is, except his group of vitamin D sufficient patients. His patients were not affected by the flu except for minor sniffles.

It was an amazing demonstration of prevention. However, he is quick to add that vitamin D is not the cure for the flu. Dr. Cannell recommends everyone get tested for vitamin D and shoot for the 50-70 ng/ml range to optimize health and assure that sufficient levels are available to foster healthy genetic expression.

Of the 20,000 genes identified, researchers say we need vitamin D for approximately 3,000 of them to function efficiently. As a side note, sometimes vitamin D levels seem to be resistive getting into optimal ranges. In every case, whenever I’ve recommended:

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (Vita D) to a doctor or patient, they have been successful in bringing vitamin D to optimal status.  (The reason Vita D absorbs so much better than other products is that it is the smallest available emulsion and absorbs lymphatically)

Vitamin D isn’t the only nutrient star. It may be the super star in recent years, but remember, the white blood cells need folic acid, B12, and zinc to name a few to do battle effectively.

The zinc “taste test” to assess for zinc is a test that can be done by your staff on every patient for pennies. Zinc is needed for well over 100 enzymes reactions. We need zinc to make hydrochloric acid and important enzymes like carbonic anhydrase and the metal transporting enzyme metallothionein.

Let me re-emphasize. Having these enzymatic reactions working properly can have far reaching effects ranging from pain reduction to reducing depression.

A study published in “Agents and Actions,” indicated that high doses of zinc would help to control the release of histamine from basophil and mast cells.  (In other words, zinc may help your allergies)

Zinc may be a key factor with your allergy sensitive patients as well. Helping your patients attain sufficient zinc levels in the fall could make the difference in how they feel when spring allergy season arrives. So that little zinc taste test goes far beyond preventing or reducing flu symptoms.

In talking to clinicians, some of you were discouraged with the zinc taste test as you didn’t see appropriate changes. According to the original research on zinc sulfate, make sure you keep your patients on 6 or more teaspoons a day of the liquid form until they can taste it. (Then reduce dose to once per day or once every other day).

If you have questions, contact me.  Blood Doc John

B12 – Back in Stock!!

17 03 2010


The intestinal absorption of Vitamin B12 is more complex than the other B vitamins, involving acidic cleavage from Vitamin B12 carriers, binding proteins and intrinsic factor mediated intestinal absorption.

Due to this complexity in absorption, and relatively low amounts in processed foods, many individuals are functionally deficient in Vitamin B12.

One (1) lozenges each day as a dietary supplement or as otherwise recommended by your healthcare professional.

60 Servings – 60 Lozenges

Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate and Natural Flavor

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