Growth Hormone – should you take it?

5 01 2010

This is coming from an angle that you have probably never heard before.

I get a lot of questions about growth hormone and thought I would share something from the Anti-Aging conference in Las Vegas in December 2009.

Let’s first talk about aging and Telomeres. I have written a few blogs about telomeres which are the tail of the chromosomes within your DNA. Short telomeres are very bad. In a nutshell, short telomeres mean you are aging horribly.

There is a company who has taken a molecule from the astragalus root and has shown in studies that this will lengthen the telomeres. This is a hot and developing topic. We will update you on this as more develops. Currently it runs over $1000 per month to take this substance.

I had heard rumors that some athletes who have used steroids and growth hormone have prematurely shortened their telomeres, which is obviously very bad for them. I spoke in length with the owner of the company and asked him a how he felt about the trend with taking growth hormone and aging.

Just so you know, I personally feel that growth hormone is widely overused and abused for that matter. There is a place for it, but if your ignoring all the other things that cause low growth hormone, you should do those first.

What the owner of this company said was that he and many of the anti-aging doctors jumped on the growth hormone bandwagon over 10 years ago. Now, he has short telomeres and so do many of the other doctors he is familiar with. He even said he felt “it was like robbing Peter to pay Paul.” The growth hormone worked because of cell replication and that he felt those same reasons caused the telomeres to become shortened at a faster rate.

So now you have a bunch of doctors and athletes who have taken growth hormone with short telomeres. We will see how this plays out, as more information becomes known.

Blood Doc John


Sex every 48 hours helps your hormones!

14 12 2009

by Blood Doc John
I attended the annual American Anti-Aging Symposium in Las Vegas last week.

It is a huge event every year with some of the latest research being presented by top doctors and scientists from around the world.

I will share some things that you will find interesting from this last week.

1. Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep are the most important things that effect how you age. (duh, right! Well this was addressed by nearly every speaker)

2. To Look better, Feel better and have better sex eat 75% – 85% plant foods. (Vegetables and fruits). I think the rest should be wild caught fish, grass fed meat and nuts.

3. Flu – when Vitamin D blood levels are over 60, it is very hard for that person to get the flu.

4. For optimal hormones, you should have sex every 48 hours. (This is obviously a favorite)

5. Adrenal Stress is a huge problem in all of society and affects every system of the body in a bad way. (This is why XCAP has the product Adrenal Balance)

6. Systemic Enzyme Therapy has a positive influence on wide ranging therapies including making hormones work better. (This is why XCAP has the product called Xtra EnZymes) People that even take Human Growth Hormone get much better results when taking enzymes.

7. Telomeres are the hot topic since the Nobel Prize was given a few months ago. Preservation of telomeres is helped with Vitamin D (XCAP Vita D), a proper ratio of omega 3’s and vitamin E (XCAP Max EFA’s), anti-oxidants and vegetables (XCAP 4Ever Greens).

8. One company is working on a patent to actually extend telomeres. I had a long conversation with them and will keep you informed on this.

9. Athletes that have taken steroids and human growth hormone may have greatly shortened their telomeres. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Short-term success for long-term disaster. Lengthening the telomeres is very important to these people.

10. Energy medicine using sound waves with multiple frequencies and lasers are becoming very popular due to their ability to help heal. They are even used to rebuild collagen in the face to turn back the clock. Sells Supplements That Contain Steroids, Court Papers Say

24 10 2009

Read this Article from The New York Times…. I  am always telling pro athletes that they should not buy unregulated products.  This article tells why.



By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT Published: September 25, 2009

A nutrition company owned by the same company that owns theAtlanta Braves is selling steroids over the Internet, according to allegations in court papers unsealed Thursday.

The nutrition company,, is selling dietary supplements that contain steroids and designer steroids, including a substance found in the raid on the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative in 2003, the court papers said.

Federal authorities unsealed a search warrant on Thursday after agents raided the headquarters and a warehouse of in the Boise, Idaho, area. In 2008, Liberty Media purchased a controlling stake in for over $100 million. Liberty Media bought the Braves from Time Warner in 2007. Among the other businesses in which Liberty Media has interests are QVC, Ticketmaster and DirectTV.

The raid was part of an ongoing effort by the Food and Drug Administration to target companies that are selling steroids as dietary supplements. Unlike drug makers, which must demonstrate that a drug is safe and effective before the agency approves it for sale to the public, dietary supplements are a largely self-regulating industry.

According to the documents, 26 of 31 products purchased by the Food and Drug Administration as part of the investigation tested positive for at least one steroid. Among the steroids found in the products were Madol, Tren, Superdrol, androstenedione, and Turinabol.

Federal agents uncovered Madol in 2003 when they searched a storage facility tied to Balco. In 1998, Mark McGwire said he used androstenedione when he broke the single season home run record. The federal government classified androstenedione as a controlled substance in 2005.

In July, the F.D.A. warned consumers not to use body-building products that are sold as nutritional supplements because they might contain steroids or steroidlike substances. The warning came in response to increased reports of medical problems in men — specifically acute liver injury and kidney failure — who had used supplements. Several days before the warning, federal agents in San Francisco executed search warrants at locations tied to American Cellular Labs that were said to be selling dietary supplements — including Mass Xtreme and Tren Xtreme — that contained steroids.

The F.D.A.’s investigations of supplements have caught the attention of members of Congress. Senator Arlen Specter, Democrat of Pennsylvania, has called a hearing on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs titled “Body Building Products and Hidden Steroids: Enforcement Barriers.”



Here you will understand why XCAP is a step above the rest in product safety.