XCAP Launches in The UK

10 03 2011

XCAP is now conveniently located in The United Kingdom.  Expect that your supplements will be shipped to you with ease and efficiency.  Check out www.XCAPUK.com and also Xtreme Couture UK on Facebook.


The Fountain of Youth – incredible stuff here!

13 06 2010

The Fountain of Youth

These newsletters contain many valuable pieces of information. This one contains many of the secrets put together in one place. Blood Doc

Below is a patient/friend named Steve who made a huge transformation. I looked over Steve’s Blood Chemistry and then Steve began a life changing process as you can see from these pictures.

August 2008

February 2009

April 2009

Really look at Steve’s face between August and April. He looks younger doesn’t he? Actually he looks a lot younger !

Below is what Steve did:
No Dairy Products
No Pork, Chicken or Beef!
Get Rid of Your Stove!
No More Cooking!
Eat five large servings of Raw Veggies Each Day!
Eat three servings of Fruits Each Day!
Do Not Eat Bread or any Bread Products!
No Coffee or Tea!
Drink Spring Water Only!
Do Not Drink Any Fruit Juices… Has too much sugar and creates a high glycemic reaction and insulin surge.
Sugar makes YOU old!
Stay Away from Reverse Osmosis Water! It Dehydrates You! Most bottled water is RO water.
Eat 1-2 Cans of Sardines Each Day!
Eat 1-2 Cans of Tuna or Salmon Each Day!
Drink One Tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil 4x Each Day
Exercise! Need to sweat 20+ minutes each day to cleanse the pores.
Apply Virgin Coconut Oil to face, arms, legs each day.
Do Not Scrub the Face with anything Abrasive. Use a mild cleanser using your soft finger tips only so not to damage the epidermis layer of skin.

More from Blood Doc
These opinions are mine and do not represent XCAP… blah, blah, blah.. you know all the disclaimers etc..

It is really quite simple, but it is easier said than done. If you do choose to follow this formula; it is my belief that this is very healthy for you and a transformation will take place.

I started getting involved heavily into nutrition when my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. I changed his diet and mine at that time. We did lots of juicing and raw foods. Knowing what I know now, I would have added the coconuts and fish. He made a massive change and looked completely different.

I think the hardest thing to overcome was all the negative outside influences. I remember my father’s friends telling him what he should eat and how what he was doing was incorrect when they knew nothing about nutrition and he had already made a big change and was cancer free. Heck, even his relatives would bring alcohol over to try to get him to drink with them while he was doing a nutritional cancer protocol. Ridiculous but true.

I say this because, what Steve did was remarkable yet achievable for many. To do it you must follow along and block out the negatives that will surely try to make you fail.

Some of my beliefs are as follows:
The US food supply and food chart recommendations are comprised of toxic garbage that promote disease and make you age considerably faster than you should. That topic alone would require several newsletters to cover. If you really want to understand, get on the internet and start searching.

But here are some other areas of importance:

When buying fish, I would not buy any farm-raised fish. It is not healthy. Full of toxins, methyl mercury, poor omega ratio etc… I buy wild caught fish from here.

Same goes for grain fed beef… I don’t buy it. It has a very poor omega ratio and much of it is full of hormones and anti-biotics. I do eat beef, but I only buy Grassfed Beef and I get it from here.

Pork… I don’t recommend it.

Chicken… It needs to be free range/ organic etc… Eat it sparingly.

Energy drinks/ sodas are pretty much legal poison in my opinion.

I don’t have a problem with coffee and tea unless the person is sick.

I believe that Grains cause health problems. Telling someone with diabetes to consume grains is ridiculous.
GMO (genetically modified) crops should be illegal, but aren’t because some of the most evil corporations in the world are behind them.

Dairy is a problem for most people. I have helped more people get rid of their allergies and sinus problems by stopping drinking milk than any other thing.

I would go on but you get the idea….

You have the ability to make large changes to your appearance and overall health. Block out the negative people, focus on your goal and you will have success.

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109 (very detailed)

5 02 2010

Randy Couture’s supplements for UFC 109

I have gotten a few emails asking how we change Randy’s supplement schedule.

Randy takes quite a bit of supplements to keep him in top form.

For the last 2 training camps we have modified a few things based off what was needed from micronutrient testing.

(Randy has been in 3 back to back to back training camps at age 46.  Most fighters half his age are burned out after 1 training camp, let alone 3 in a row.  This is what we do to keep him going)

Remember, this is extensive because it is an example of what an elite athlete needs to do to keep his body functioning at a top level and slow the over oxidation (aging) that occurs when one is doing an extreme amount of exercise.  I am talking about intense workouts, twice a day for months on end.

He is taking the following things daily from XCAP:

(These are the things he takes regularly)

Vita D – 3 drops

Max EFA’s – 6

B12 Nitro – 3

Joint Flex – 3

Optimum T – 6

Adrenal Glandular – 6 to 9 depending on how he feels

IGF Blast – 6

Natural Mins – 4

O2 Plus + – 6 to 8

Xtra Enzymes – 16

4 Ever Greens – 2 scoops

Whey Isolate – 4 scoops

AA Resveratrol – 6

Below are things that he has added because of the constant training camps.  These were only added after extensive testing.  You don’t need to add these things just because Randy is taking them right now.  The basis of his program is the supplements listed above from XCAP.

We added the following things based on lymphocyte micronutrient, spectox and telomere testing:

(These will be taken up to UFC 109 then stopped.  Randy will be retested before his next training camp and we will decide what to from there.)

Phosphatidylserine – 3  (helps lower cortisol and boost testosterone)

Lipid Sirt – 4  (helps stop cholesterol oxidation)

Super Phosphozyme – 2 (balances calcium ratio)

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 3 (reduces oxidation)

CoQ Zyme – 3 (reduces oxidation in mitochondria)

Selenium -1 (anti-oxidant mineral)

Bio B with C – 1 (specific ratio of B vitamins to bring up a low level)

Iodizyme-HP – 1 (iodine for thyroid support)

Chlorocaps – 2 (chlorophyll to support hormones)

Cytozyme PT/HPT – 6 (Pituitary gland support)

Cytozyme orchic – 3 (testicular gland support)

L-Glutamine powder – ½ scoop (amino acid replacement)

NAC – 3 (production of glutathione)

MaxEFA’s slow Aging

27 01 2010

MaxEFA’s Slow Aging by Keeping DNA “Caps” Intact

The results of a new study suggest that (MaxEFA’s) may also act to protect our DNA from decay … a fundamental level in the fight against premature aging.

Scientists looked at the length of DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes ─ called “telomeres”─ that shorten as cells replicate and age.

Findings now add fish-borne omega-3s (MaxEFA’s) to list of telomere protectors.

Researchers based at the University of California conducted a study designed to determine whether omega-3 blood levels were associated with changes in telomere length among heart patients with coronary artery disease.

Specifically, they compared the lengths of telomeres in the participants’ leukocytes – a type of blood cell – at the beginning and end of a five-year period.

After comparing the starting lengths of the cardiac outpatients’ telomeres with their length after five years, the researchers found that people with the lowest omega-3 levels experienced the speediest rate of telomere shortening.

In contrast, those with the highest omega-3 levels showed the slowest rate of telomere shortening.