XCAP helps John Alessio Prepare for August 20th Fight

9 08 2011

John Alessio has fought in several organizations at 170 lbs.
This will probably be his last fight at 170 because he is moving down to155.

John A. has been one of those guys who walks around close to the weight he fights at. He is probably going to drop down a weight class.

As the fighters goes thru training camps, Dr. John Fitzgerald alters their supplement plan from XCAP so they can get the best results.

The fighters usually take more Adrenal Glandular to help with burn out as their training camp goes along and they get closer to fight  time.

Our Xtreme Couture team has John Alessio, Jimmy Jones, John Gunderson, Kyle Griffin  and Brice Ritani-Coe fighting on the card.

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2 responses

10 08 2011
Josh Squires

Hmm. Interesting, but really would have liked more details. How does he alter their supplement plan? What is Adrenal Glandular (I’m not clicking a link on a page that looks this stripped down). Why is John dropping weight classes?

Give me more info!

11 08 2011

“Adrenal Glandular is a product that is needed in specific cases to restore the normal adrenal gland function that has been lost from training and stress. This is a glandular product that was specifically designed with a specific purpose and the top sports doctors have used it for many years because it works so well. When you fully understand how to use it, it becomes an invaluable part of going into an athletic event in peak condition.”

“In elite athletes the adrenal glands experience a great deal of stress due to continual stimulation. Over time, this may lead to decreased recovery, poor performance, and a weakened immune system” Blood Doc John

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