Sex every 48 hours helps your hormones!

14 12 2009

by Blood Doc John
I attended the annual American Anti-Aging Symposium in Las Vegas last week.

It is a huge event every year with some of the latest research being presented by top doctors and scientists from around the world.

I will share some things that you will find interesting from this last week.

1. Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep are the most important things that effect how you age. (duh, right! Well this was addressed by nearly every speaker)

2. To Look better, Feel better and have better sex eat 75% – 85% plant foods. (Vegetables and fruits). I think the rest should be wild caught fish, grass fed meat and nuts.

3. Flu – when Vitamin D blood levels are over 60, it is very hard for that person to get the flu.

4. For optimal hormones, you should have sex every 48 hours. (This is obviously a favorite)

5. Adrenal Stress is a huge problem in all of society and affects every system of the body in a bad way. (This is why XCAP has the product Adrenal Balance)

6. Systemic Enzyme Therapy has a positive influence on wide ranging therapies including making hormones work better. (This is why XCAP has the product called Xtra EnZymes) People that even take Human Growth Hormone get much better results when taking enzymes.

7. Telomeres are the hot topic since the Nobel Prize was given a few months ago. Preservation of telomeres is helped with Vitamin D (XCAP Vita D), a proper ratio of omega 3’s and vitamin E (XCAP Max EFA’s), anti-oxidants and vegetables (XCAP 4Ever Greens).

8. One company is working on a patent to actually extend telomeres. I had a long conversation with them and will keep you informed on this.

9. Athletes that have taken steroids and human growth hormone may have greatly shortened their telomeres. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Short-term success for long-term disaster. Lengthening the telomeres is very important to these people.

10. Energy medicine using sound waves with multiple frequencies and lasers are becoming very popular due to their ability to help heal. They are even used to rebuild collagen in the face to turn back the clock.




4 responses

14 12 2009

Thanks for posting this! I’m going to print it off and highlight my fav’s for my hubby :p

14 12 2009
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18 12 2009

Randy, great information! I am into all this. I have Adrenal exhaustion. I believe in and have used energy medicine, cranial sacral polarity therapy, contact reflex analysis, Vibrational electrical dermal screening, acupunture and so on…. I’de really like to learn more about your product line. The telomeres info. is very interesting. I also have used enyme therapies and there is definatley something to it. This is great stuff, wish I could have went to this seminar. Thanks for posting this. Hope your doing well and Merry Christmas!! I am leaving for Vegas in the morning, it would be great if there were a good fight there i could see. Thanks again and God-Bless!!! I’de love to visit…

20 01 2010
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