XCAP – Healing Power – True Testimonial

13 06 2012

XCAP Testimonial (by Cassio S. Lopes )

“My mother is a 70 years old lady who passed thorugh a complicated problem recently.
She fell down and injured her shoulder. The rotator cuff was partially hurt and the tendons were almost destroyed with this accident.
Doctors made her do a MRI and detected she had a serious damage to her tendons. They diagnosed her and told she will never get her shoulder heal again.
Doctors recommended her to do 50 physioterapy sessions just to allow her to have shoulder movements partiatilly recovered. If she wanted even better results, she should go under surgery. However, as I told previously, my mother is a 70 year old lady and she is diabetic.

I was taking some XCAP supplements and I thought it would worth a try giving her my supplements. i was informed that there are no problems in administrate those supps to diabetic person.
So, I started giving her Xtra Enzymes, Max EFAs, Natural Mins, Joint Flex and B12 Nitro.

One month later, she told me she did not feel her shoulder aching anymore. Two months after start taking XCAP, she felt completely cured.
She went back to the doctor and told the good news. Doctors did not believe her and asked for another MRI. The MRI showed that her tendons were healed.

That was incredible! As a side effect of the supplments ingestion, her sugar levels almost reutrned to normal, her blood pressure regularized and her iron levels got back to normal.
She gained life quality and is more energetic with better overall health condition.

I would like to thank Doc John to provide me some alternative solutions and to XCAP for making state of the art supplements (and send me them to BRAZIL).

Kind regards,
Cassio S. Lopes ”

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Do you have a Chronic Cough? We Can Help.

5 08 2011

Try B12 Nitro from XCAP, it may just get rid of your cough.

A new study shows that deficiency of vitamin B12 might be a factor in unexplained chronic cough and dysfunction of the pharynx and larynx.

Vitamin B12 supplements improved histamine thresholds and significantly raised the cough threshold in patients with vitamin deficiency.

The study, presented here at the World Allergy Organization XXI World Allergy Congress by Giuseppe Guida, MD, from Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of Turin and Mauriziano Hospital in Italy, examined the effect of histamine on the cough threshold and the upper and lower airway responsiveness in patients with unexplained cough.

The current study looked at 40 patients with chronic unexplained cough. Of these, 25 were found to have vitamin B12 deficiency (serum levels <300 pg/mL); the control group consisted of 15 chronic-cough patients with no detected nutritional deficiency.

Patients deficient in vitamin B12 were found to have significantly lower threshold values for extrathoracic airway and cough, but bronchial thresholds did not differ from those of control subjects.

Vitamin B12 supplementation improved histamine thresholds (reduced hyperresponsiveness) in vitamin-deficient patients without significantly changing them in control subjects. This improvement was found in bronchial (P < .01),
extrathoracic airway (P < .001), and cough (P <.01) thresholds.

“Supplementation is certainly very easy to perform”, Dr. Guida told Medscape Allergy and Immunology. “So, theoretically, there is a good way to treat this disease.”

“Of course, we need more data to confirm the fact that there is a strong association between these 2 cofactors [chronic cough and the B12 deficiency],” acknowledged Dr. Guida. However, “if this is the case, [this] could be a
very easy way to help these people,” he said, “especially because they are older and it’s a very easy medication to [administer].”

Try 1-3 B12 Nitro lozenges from XCAP per day.

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Frank Trigg vs. John Phillips Signed for BAMMA 6

25 04 2011

XCAP fighter Frank Trigg isn’t done yet.

“Twinkle Toes” has officially signed a contract to fight John Phillips at BAMMA 6, Trigg’s manager Sam Spira confirmed with MMA Fighting Friday.

MMAFighting.com first reported Trigg’s involvement on the card last month. BAMMA 6 takes place May 21 at Wembley Arena in London, England.

Trigg (20-8) most recently defeated Roy Neeman at Israel FC: Genesis in November. The victory was Trigg’s first since he was released from the UFC after losing two in a row inside the Octagon to Josh Koscheck and Matt Serra. Phillips, nicknamed “The White Mike Tyson,” is 13-3. The Welsh fighter is enjoying a five-fight winning streak, most recently defeating James Zikic via first-round TKO.

Tom “Kong” Watson vs. Murilo “Ninja” Rua for the BAMMA middleweight title headlines the event.

Another notable fight on the card is Phil Baroni vs. Matt Ewin.

Ryan Couture XCAP sponsored fighter ready for Higgins

18 02 2011

Ryan Couture XCAP sponsored fighter is the co-main event and the son of legendary MMA fighter Randy Couture. Ryan returns to Strikeforce for his second professional MMA fight against Lee Higgins who holds a 2-0 record.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for this bout and all the others on Showtime

Strikeforce Challengers 14: February 18th on Showtime

February 18, 2011
Cedar Park Center,
Austin, Texas, United States


Lyle Beerbohm vs. Pat Healy
Bryan Travers vs. Carlo Prater
Ryan Couture vs. Lee Higgins
Erik Apple vs. Ryan Larson
David Douglas vs. Nick Gonzalez


FREE – Signed – Randy Couture Artwork by Richard Slone

4 02 2011


Free Randy Couture UFC 74 Artwork Giveaway – Register Now!

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XCAP Presents:

Randy “The Natural” Couture UFC 74 ( Poster Print ) – $150.00 Value

Limited quantity – Richard Slone (official artist of the boxing H.O.F. and the UFC) worked with Randy Couture to create another wonderful piece of art.

Only 500 made Worldwide. Less than 175 left Printed on Vellum Paper
Signed by Randy Couture and Richard Slone

Poster Size: 20″w x 26 “h

Customers Get Amazing Results with the XCAP Zyto Scan

25 01 2011

Dr. John Fitzgerald met with customers at Las Vegas Nutrition Center to do free consultations with the Zyto Scan.  The Zyto Scan allows the body to communicate through Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin.  By placing their hands on the hand cradle device, Dr. Fitzgerald was able to analyze the data that was transmitted through the sensors and assist the customers in choosing the XCAP products best suited for their needs.  

XCAP can now be found at any of the Las Vegas Nutrition Center Stores.   

(Top picture and descending): Store Owner Lori Smith with customer, Jane Nass and Dr. John Fitzgerald, Aaron Tru and Dr. John Fitzgerald, Gilles Reichert and Dr. John Fitzgerald, Ikelene and Aaron Tru, XCAP

XCAP Fighter Mike Pyle takes aim at John Hathaway at UFC 120

15 10 2010

Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals (XCAP.tv)  fighter and UFC welterweight veteran, Mike Pyle has been speaking about his upcoming fight at UFC 120 this weekend with John Hathaway in London, England, with the man dubbed “Quicksand” saying he plans to live up to his reputation on the night.

Speaking via UFC.com, Pyle said:

“It doesn’t matter where it’s at – it could be here, it could be over there – I’m going in to do my job and that’s to go in there and beat him. That’s what I’m training for, and that’s what I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing – going in there and competing at my best on that day against John Hathaway. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I feel good about it, I kinda like being the underdog, I like being the guy who’s gonna get booed and who nobody’s gonna like there, but I think I’ll capture some fans after it’s all said and done.”w

“That’s expected and that’s how this sport is gonna grow and I’m a part of this sport. Whether I like it or not, which I do, there are gonna be younger, stronger, faster guys coming in with more talent. That’s all there is to it, and why not pit yourself against them and just keep going until you just can’t anymore? It’s all good fun and I’m a fighter – whether you’re younger or older, I’m gonna fight you anyway and put myself to the test.”

“He’s a young guy coming in who’s eager, who’s trying to make a name for himself, and he is making a name for himself coming off a good performance against (Diego) Sanchez and he looked good doing it. But a lot of the fighters he’s faced have always been shorter and he’s never really had to deal with someone who was almost his length, so I look forward to the challenge. I think that I’m gonna have the edge on him. I’ve got him on experience and just sheer guts and toughness, and I think I’m an all-around more skillful guy than him when it comes down to it.”

“That’s the way that I like to fight and why I got the nickname “Quicksand” given to me. The harder you’re fighting in the quicksand, the worse it’s gonna get and you’re gonna keep sinking. I always try to set things up and I don’t try to bully my way into submissions because then they know it’s coming. And there’s no better way to get a nice, fast, and clean sub then to go with the flow and try to keep my technique sound where I know that if I pressure a guy into one certain way, he’s gonna go another way to get out, and that’s what I’m looking for. It’s like going fishing. I’m trying to outsmart him and hopefully I’ll hook him.”