XCAP Xtra EnZymes helps Patient Regain Use of Finger!

1 09 2011

Below is a testimonial from Ikelene Boh on her tragic accident and how she almost lost the use of her entire right hand and all her fingers.

We talk about how XCAP is used to help athletes, but our products have other benefits, in particular the XCAP Xtra EnZymes  and how it helps to break down scar tissue.


In Ikelene’s own words…….. (Warning Images are Graphic )

“In April of 2009 I almost lost my life as the result of a household accident. I was home alone when I tripped and fell backwards onto a 12” Tera Cotta pot. The rim snapped and what remained of the pot severed all but one ligament of connective tissue in my right forearm. I used my left had as a tourniquet, and dialed 911 with my nose. The original injury was life-threatening in and of itself , but the measures that were taken to remove the potting soil from the wound left me mangled. 

The next morning I saw the surgeon. He was open about lack of promise that I would ever use the hand again. Over a month passed, and then a twitch in my thumb had me into physical therapy right away. Progress was slow and the nerve pain never subsided.

Three years later I met Dr. John Fitzgerald (Blood Doc).  

I still suffered never-ending nerve pain, but had regained primary use of three of my fingers. 

We had a discussion about XCAP’s systemic enzymes (Xtra EnZymes) that was unrelated to my injury. I began taking the enzymes. 

No more than two weeks later, I sat in amazement as my my forearm twitched and pulsated. By the days end I had full use, mobility, and dexterity in all four fingers, and the nerve pain was diminished by almost half.

I am thrilled that the impetus for taking the enzymes rendered such a far more meaningful result.


Ikelene Boh

Note from XCAP: Blood Doc frequently recommends people with scare tissue break it up by taking 12 to 20 enzymes per day on an empty stomach.




One response

1 09 2011
mark pendlebury

After suffering multiple severe injuries resulting in loss of limb function and severe scarring myself I am now going to look into xcap,this is a very heartfelt story that hits home with me and makes me happy knowing that someone is seeing such good results.

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