New XCAP Supplement Auto-Ship Program

26 07 2011

XCAP’s New Auto – Ship Program is the easiest, most convenient way to save.

You’ll lock in the lowest monthly pricing and NEVER pay shipping as we’ll automatically deliver your supplements to your door each month. You won’t ever have to worry about running out or reordering!

Here are that top 5 reasons the Auto – Ship will be our most popular program with our customers:

1. FREE Shipping: All your products are shipped to you every month for FREE! You will save $6 to $10 (or more) on shipping charges alone.

2. Save More Money: In addition to saving money with our free shipping, all XCAP Auto – Ship products come with discounts of  15% for the first 3 months and then 20% off on all subsequent orders. Members staying with the program over 1 year will receive 30% off!

3. Convenience: As a XCAP Auto – Ship Program Member, you benefit from having your products shipped  right to your door every month, so you’ll never run out. Your orders will be shipped out on the first Monday of each Month. (excluding holidays).

4. Flexible: Need to change what’s on your autoship program, maybe you need to add an item or remove an item from your program, not a problem. It’s 100% flexible. Just call 702.616.1022 and our XCAP representative will help you with your account.

5.  Commitments: When you place your order, you can cancel your monthly shipments anytime. There’s no contract to sign and no cancellation penalty. We’re just a phone call away 702.616.1022.




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