We need your opinion for a book title – Please comment

24 02 2011

We have narrowed the title to 2 choices for Dr. John Fitzgerald’s book on fat loss.


Please comment on which Title you prefer

1. Fat Loss the Truth



2. Factual Fat Loss


Subtitle is:

Why the Medical Research might just Shock you



This book contains over 30 research studies and you will likely have an epiphany after reading it.  It is contains exactly what worked for people losing fat.  All the Facts without the Fluff.





18 responses

24 02 2011
rodney beasley

I like 1 the best,,quick,clean ,,to the poiny

24 02 2011

fat lose the truth

24 02 2011
Roger G Sabourin

Fat Loss the Truth, I find more appealing because it has a layman feel to it. The second title although not terrible has a more clinical feel to it and appears to be more of an industry type of read as opposed to being something for the general public. Good luck with the book, I’ll be sure to look for it.

Roger G Sabourin

24 02 2011

This rolls off the tongue better……Fat Loss the Truth

24 02 2011
Christina Guzman

Fat Loss the Truth fo sho.

24 02 2011
Tom Ditmar

I have to go outside the choices. Why not “Fat Loss the Facts”

24 02 2011

#1 for sure.

24 02 2011

Factual Fat Loss. Too bad “all the facts without the fluff” isn’t being considered!

24 02 2011
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24 02 2011
Eric Heckenlively

Fat lose the Truth. Its simply a matter of word choice. Truth is a more recognized word than Factual.

24 02 2011
george mccann

Factual fat loss

Because it uses alliteration to drag the reader/buyer in.

Also it gets to the point quickly immediately stating that this book is FACTUAL.

3 words is perfect for a title.

Good luck

24 02 2011

Fat Loss The Truth sounds good, but from reading your description, I think this sounds better,

Fat Loss, All the Facts without the Fluff.

gives it to you straight, i think.

24 02 2011

Fat Loss the Truth gets my vote.

24 02 2011

Fat lose the truth – defiantly the way to do… Sounds powerful and direct…

25 02 2011
Dr Joao Faria

Fat loss the truth , in my opnion is betther

25 02 2011

Fat loss the truth, I find this title more powerful and more flashy, everybody want to know the truth, especially regarding weight loss, there are so many scams and so many people that feel involved!

25 02 2011
john rambo

shed it

1 03 2011

2. Factual Fat Loss

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