Omega 3’s Help to Protect Vision

1 02 2011

Here is another reason to take Max EFAs from XCAP.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in Caucasian Americans.

High concentrations of omega-3s have been found in the eye’s retina, and evidence is mounting that the nutrient may be essential to eye health.  Sheila K. West, from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Maryland, USA), and colleagues engaged 2520 Maryland residents, ages 65 to 84 years, to participate in a study assessing the role of a diet rich in fish and seafood, on AMD onset and progression.

Those with no AMD were classified as controls (1,942 persons), 227 had early AMD, 153 had intermediate-stage disease, and 68 had advanced AMD. They conclude that: “These data support a protective effect of fish/shellfish intake against advanced AMD.”




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