Weight Loss Book and Hypnosis Tapes coming soon

28 11 2010

Blood Doc John is writing a weight loss book and developing Hypnosis weight loss tapes.

Dr. John Fitzgerald, Blood Doc John, has recently been busy writing a book about weight loss.  This book will include the most effective methods he utilized when counseling over 3000 patients.  This has been taking a substantial amount of his time to the point he has had to scale back on the amount of consultations he has done in the last two months.

Now with Christmas on the horizon, and all the New Year’s Resolutions coming, Blood Doc will be putting more time towards consultations.

If you would like a consultation or to give a gift of a consultation, contact him at blooddoc1@gmail.com

Also of Note:

Blood Doc John is also a master hypnotist and has in the works hypnosis tapes that can be used in conjunction with the upcoming weight loss book.  The tapes should be ready by Christmas so stay tuned.

Gray Maynard and Dr. John Fitzgerald




2 responses

4 12 2010

THat’s great Thank you

17 12 2010

I think this book will help many XCAP users and greatly increase the users of XCAP. I have learned so much from Blood Doc John via Marco R. Marco might need a break from all my questions. I will get one for Christmas so the whole family can enjoy.
XCAP Rules and Marco is THE top notch rep. Randy you are phenomenol in the octagon and outside coaching too.
Don’t forget, Pyle is a Beast!

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