Frank Trigg Uses XCAP Products to Prepare for the Biggest Fight of His Career

9 11 2010

Frank Trigg Uses XCAP Products to Prepare for the Biggest Fight of His Career


Las Vegas, Nevada – November 8, 2010 – As anyone who has ever competed knows, your next endeavor is always the most important one. Frank Trigg lives and prepares with this very philosophy in mind. That is why he has left nothing to chance, using Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals to get ready for his upcoming fight with Roy Neeman, in Tel Aviv, Israel.


As a veteran of twenty seven fights, including battles with Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Matt Serra and Josh Koscheck, Trigg knows a few things about preparation and taking care of his body. Based on his experience, Trigg has made the decision that his body will get only the best treatment, meaning that XCAP is his supplement of choice.


“Training camps are stupid. They suck!” states Trigg, who went on to say, “I am in the best shape of my life. I feel great.” The connection between Trigg’s physical prowess and the use of XCAP products is hardly a coincidence. Made with only the most pure ingredients and held to the highest manufacturing standards, there simply is no chance involved. XCAP is what the top professionals in the MMA arena choose and it is now available to the public.


With the experience and connections that Frank Trigg has developed over his illustrious career, he knows when something is smoke and mirrors and when it is “the real deal.” He uses XCAP because it works, plain and simple. Train harder and train healthier, XCAP is for anyone looking for an elite advantage.


XCAP is Randy Couture’s Athletic Pharmaceutical line of supplements. Detailed descriptions of the products and all corporate contact information can be found online at



Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals

6510 Hinson Ave.

Las Vegas, Nv 89118

(702) 616-1022






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