XCAP Makes the Best…Even Better!

27 10 2010

If you have recently ordered XCAP’s Max EFA’s, you may have noticed a difference in the appearance of the gelcap. A difference that made you wonder if you had received the right product. Rest easy. In a never ending quest to ALWAYS provide the highest quality product to our customers, the carob coating of the Max EFA’s has been tweaked to provide a longer shelf life and a more stable formula.

If you aren’t a regular user of the Max EFA’s, what are you waiting for? Studies including Max EFA’s have shown the ability to improve cognitive process, decrease inflammation and help hormonal production, amongst other benefits. To be able to consistently perform at the highest level, your body needs the raw materials to fuel its basic functions and not “rob” from itself to survive.

Needless to say, XCAP only uses the highest quality and most pure ingredients in its products. Manufactured in an FDA audited facility ensures your safety and also that what the label says, is EXACTLY what the product includes. You only get one body, to make it the best,  use only the best. Use XCAP!




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