XCAP Fighter Mike Pyle takes aim at John Hathaway at UFC 120

15 10 2010

Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals (XCAP.tv)  fighter and UFC welterweight veteran, Mike Pyle has been speaking about his upcoming fight at UFC 120 this weekend with John Hathaway in London, England, with the man dubbed “Quicksand” saying he plans to live up to his reputation on the night.

Speaking via UFC.com, Pyle said:

“It doesn’t matter where it’s at – it could be here, it could be over there – I’m going in to do my job and that’s to go in there and beat him. That’s what I’m training for, and that’s what I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing – going in there and competing at my best on that day against John Hathaway. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I feel good about it, I kinda like being the underdog, I like being the guy who’s gonna get booed and who nobody’s gonna like there, but I think I’ll capture some fans after it’s all said and done.”w

“That’s expected and that’s how this sport is gonna grow and I’m a part of this sport. Whether I like it or not, which I do, there are gonna be younger, stronger, faster guys coming in with more talent. That’s all there is to it, and why not pit yourself against them and just keep going until you just can’t anymore? It’s all good fun and I’m a fighter – whether you’re younger or older, I’m gonna fight you anyway and put myself to the test.”

“He’s a young guy coming in who’s eager, who’s trying to make a name for himself, and he is making a name for himself coming off a good performance against (Diego) Sanchez and he looked good doing it. But a lot of the fighters he’s faced have always been shorter and he’s never really had to deal with someone who was almost his length, so I look forward to the challenge. I think that I’m gonna have the edge on him. I’ve got him on experience and just sheer guts and toughness, and I think I’m an all-around more skillful guy than him when it comes down to it.”

“That’s the way that I like to fight and why I got the nickname “Quicksand” given to me. The harder you’re fighting in the quicksand, the worse it’s gonna get and you’re gonna keep sinking. I always try to set things up and I don’t try to bully my way into submissions because then they know it’s coming. And there’s no better way to get a nice, fast, and clean sub then to go with the flow and try to keep my technique sound where I know that if I pressure a guy into one certain way, he’s gonna go another way to get out, and that’s what I’m looking for. It’s like going fishing. I’m trying to outsmart him and hopefully I’ll hook him.”




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