John Gunderson Becomes Newest Addition to XCAP MMA Team

17 09 2010


John Gunderson Becomes Newest Addition to XCAP MMA Team.

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 16, 2010 – Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals (XCAP) is proud to announce that UFC lightweight fighter, John Gunderson, has joined the ranks of Gray Maynard, Chael Sonnen and Randy Couture, amongst others, as a member of the XCAP team.

Despite having over thirty fights on his resume, John continues to search for new additions to his training and preparation. This search has led John to XCAP and the expertise of Dr. John Fitzgerald. Upon consulting with Dr. Fitzgerald, Gunderson was immediately impressed with the results of his new supplement protocol, stating, “ I didn’t realize that my body could feel so much better, by making such simple changes to my diet and the supplements that I take. I feel better then I ever have!”

In his first fight under the XCAP banner, John faced UFC veteran, Yves Edwards. Yves has notable wins over Rich Clementi, Hermes Franca and Josh Thomson. The result of the fight was a unanimous decision loss for John, yet he is not discouraged. “ I have just started to realize my potential and with the help of XCAP, I feel like the sky is the limit.”

“John is a very hard worker and he is willing to do whatever it takes to be the best.” states Dr. Fitzgerald, who went on to say, “ I look forward to working with him and seeing the progress that he makes on the XCAP program. I am confident that his ability to train harder and longer will lead to a very successful future for John in the UFC.”

XCAP is Randy Couture’s Athletic Pharmaceutical line of supplements. Detailed descriptions of the products and all corporate contact information can be found online at


Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals

6510 Hinson Ave.

Las Vegas, Nv 89118

(702) 616-1022





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