XCAP needs your input. Give us input on Clothing.

28 08 2010

XCAP (Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals) has been getting many requests for clothing with the XCAP logo on it.

We would like to know what type of clothing you would like to see.

Right now the leading request has been sleeveless black shirts that have the XCAP logo as well as the Xtreme Couture logo.

Be sure to check out Randy Couture’s walkout shirt for UFC118.  XCAP is on the sleeves.  This was done after so many people requested it.

We would like to see your comments.




11 responses

28 08 2010

I would like tees of all kinds and colors. I would like to see something that is extremely soft, but not too thick and ‘edgy’

28 08 2010

would love to see workout pants

28 08 2010

Some high quality training gear like rash guards and short.

28 08 2010
Keith bond

Baseball caps and beanies , t shirts too! Randy is my hero!

28 08 2010
Matt Trussell

Something to do with fighting cancer,ie Pancreatic would be first choice,no one talks about it

28 08 2010

XCAP clothing for the rugrats 🙂

29 08 2010

Something like a polo or a button down shirt that will look classy/professional enough to wear to work, yet still be cool.

29 08 2010
World Wide News Flash

XCAP needs your input. Give us input on Clothing….

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

29 08 2010

For workout clothing I would like to see some dri-fit lines with nice prints. The t-shirts all start to get sticky during workout.

1 09 2010

Less is more. Just went to the Fan Expo and all the clothes there had way to much when it come to the graphic. Jaco might have been the exception.

7 09 2010

I like the logo you have already and the shirt material is nice. Putting the logo on a lighter colored shirt or white would have it stand out more. Then more people would see me wearing it at the gym and ask about it more often.
XCAP Products are the best!
Thanks Marco!

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