My Secret Fight day regimen revealed – Randy Couture and Gray Maynard

28 08 2010

What supplements do Randy Couture and Gray Maynard take on fight day?

Randy said he sleeps in and takes O2 Plus all day long.  What exactly is all day long you ask?  Randy takes 20, in equally divided doses, throughout the day.

“The O2 Plus makes a noticeable difference in my endurance and since it is derived from vegetable cultures, it digests well.  Additionally, I take about 8 Xtra Enzymes on an empty stomach about an hour before the fight. The Xtra Enzymes help reduce inflammation” said Randy Couture.

Gray Maynard’s routine is very similar to Randy’s.  ” I love the O2 Plus.  I wish it was around when I wrestled for Michigan State!” stated Gray.

Gray went on to say, “I feel this difference every practice when I take the O2 Plus.  It really helps my wind.  I love that it helps so much and is so healthy for me at the same time.  On fight day, Blood Doc John has me increase the amount I take starting at breakfast all the way up to an hour before the fight.”

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Gray Maynard and Blood Doc John




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28 08 2010
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My Secret Fight day regimen revealed ? Randy Couture and Gray ……

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