University of Texas basketball player turned Pro MMA Fighter, Maurice Jackson, picks Randy Couture over James Toney and Gray Maynard over Kenny Florian

26 08 2010

A brief interview with 6’8” fighter Maurice Jackson.

Maurice uses the services of Blood Doc John and XCAP (Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals)

XCAP – Give us the quick overview of who you are

Maurice – I am from New Jersey, played college basketball for the University of Texas and was ranked the #6 power forward in the country.  I then decided I wanted to go back to my first love, which is fighting.  Rampage Jackson moved me to California to be a training partner at team punishment, then I moved to Las Vegas to pursue my professional fighting career.

XCAP – Here is the important question.  Who is going to win in UFC 118.

MauriceRandy Couture will elbow James Toney’s face in during the first round and Gray Maynard will destroy Kenny Florian.

XCAP – Tell us about your relationship with XCAP.

Maurice – I had heard from several pro-fighters that I needed to see Blood Doc John and he would improve my endurance.  So I listened to what he told me to do and I noticed the improvement immediately on my next practice.  XCAP has the highest quality supplements in the industry and Blood Doc provides invaluable advice.

I think people would be amazed if they knew how many pro-athletes are sponsored by other companies, yet I see XCAP products in their gym bags.




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12 01 2012
Mr. Lupe Gutierrez aka your dAddyoe

Remember when I used to kick ur butt in odessa moe

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