Gray Maynard and Randy Couture push XCAP Supplements @ UFC 118

24 08 2010

The upcoming fights at UFC 118 with Gray Maynard facing off against Kenny Florian and Randy Couture who will make short work of James Toney will both be wearing the XCAP logo on their fight shorts and pre-fight banners.

What makes XCAP sponsorship different from the so-called leading supplement lines (whom we will not mention, but we all know who they are ) throw some cash at these fighters but their product is sub par at best.

XCAP is made in FDA regulated facilities and with a Pharmaceutical license, these other brands are filled with fluff and fillers, why else can you buy a 5lb. bag of EA* protein at Sam’s club for under $25, because it’s not good, pretty simple.

XCAP  policy is and has been we will only sponsor and allow athletes of any sport to represent the line if the athlete actually uses and believes in the product “RESULTS”,  XCAP gets results and you can see who uses the products on our celeb and athlete page and they love the product.

So fighters and athletes around the world looking to make a difference in the win loss column, contact XCAP so we can show you how to take your training to the next level.




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