XCAP and Randy Couture – UFC 118 – Game plan revealed….

23 08 2010

Randy “The Natural” Couture has a plan for James Toney for their bout at UFC 118 this weekend, and it sounds dangerous for Jame Toney.

Randy will also be walking out to the fight in this new Xtreme Couture signature shirt with the XCAP logo embroidered on each sleeve.

Limited edition fight shirts will be available after the fight so please check out the XCAP store next week.

Here is what Randy says about the fight.

“There are some serious holes in his game and it’s my job to point those out. If James comes with that traditional boxing posture, he can expect to get the hell kicked out of his lead leg. He can expect a right to come at his head followed by a swift double-leg, a swift clinch, then we’ll tie him up, dirty box, punch, elbow, knee, shoulder, anything I need to do to put him on the floor.

There’s a whole load of other things that go on inside the cage.

He better hope he can catch me.”

– Randy Couture




3 responses

23 08 2010
MMA Gear


24 08 2010
ALI Yassine

randy show toney what real fighters are made out of.show him that mma has and always will be better than boxing. GO RANDY

26 08 2010
ental mcintyre

I still dont think there will be much of a fight for randy, toney’s only chance is when randy plays stupid and eats his punches

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