Concussions and MaxEFAs

21 08 2010

From Blood Doc John

Based on years of reading blood chemistry labs, I am of the strong belief that fish oils (MaxEFAs from XCAP) are essential for good health.

Athletes in contact sports are especially prone to need MaxEFAs , mainly due to the presence of DHA in the product.

Researchers tested the effect of DHA supplementation on brain trauma in a recent animal study and were able to determine the following:

The brainstems of animals receiving DHA for 30 days post-concussion showed significantly less nerve injury than those with no DHA supplementation, concluding that DHA is safe for potentially reducing the burden of traumatic brain injury.

A similar study in Japan confirms this conclusion by showing maternal DHA levels may be beneficial in preventing neonatal brain injury. (Journal of Neurotrauma, July 2010; Neuropathology, April 2010)

MaxEFAs have been included in the BASICS Package from XCAP (Xtreme Couture Athletic Pharmaceuticals) because it should be part of your daily regimen.

Their is a huge difference among fish oil products, with MaxEFAs from XCAP providing the highest quality, purest and most effective product on the market as proven in testing.




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