Who is the toughest guy in “The Expendables?”

18 08 2010

Put any five guys in a room and it is inevitable. They can be best friends, total strangers or any combination of the two. At least one of them is going to wonder, “Am I the toughest guy in this room?” Now, if those five guys have athletic backgrounds, have competitive spirits and have become famous for being tough, that question is undoubtedly going to be asked and the answer may even be “tested” amongst the men.

In the movie, “The Expendables”, the aforementioned question was asked numerous times. The answer was unanimous and emphatic! It will come as no surprise to MMA fans that the answer is Randy Couture. The UFC Hall of Famer and five time champion, has been crowned as the “toughest” of the tough by his co-stars. From long time action movie stars, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren, to former professional athletes turned actors, Steve Austin and Terry Crews, Randy’s name was the only one mentioned as an answer to the toughest man on set question.

The quotes are impressive before you know who said them, but when they are attributed to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and “tough guys” themselves, it is astounding. Sylvester Stallone states, “Steve Austin is a monster, no doubt about it, but Randy, when you look at his face, it is a portrait of punishment. You know you’re in for a horrible night if you challenge him. I saw him airmail stuntmen like paper planes.” Dolph Lundgren reinforces that thought with his own comment, “If ‘tough’ meaning there’s a bare-knuckle fight, I suppose Randy Couture would do very well, because he’s a real fighter and he’s doing it professionally. He’d probably be the least favorite person to face off against.”

Not impressed that two actors think Randy Couture is tough? How about if two former professional athletes, both of whom outweigh Randy by at least twenty pounds, have very similar sentiments. When asked who the toughest “Expendable” is, former NFL player Terry Crews had this to say, “Randy Couture by far. He’s the only guy out of all of us who has been really smacking people for real. He is a killing machine, and he knows 6 million ways to die. Choose one.” Couple that with former WWE champion Steve Austin stating, “The guys are all tough, but if you’re going to sit there and talk about a physical fight, I don’t think anyone will give you any argument that Randy Couture is that guy.”

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No matter how you define “tough”, Randy Couture meets the criteria. Age and size are minimized when you are willing to dedicate yourself to being the very best. That dedication includes taking only the best and purest supplements on the market. Manufactured in an FDA audited facility, under the strictest protocols in the industry, the products found at www.xcap.tv, can help YOU accomplish whatever goals you may set. Unless you want to be the toughest guy in “The Expendables”, that title is already spoken for!




2 responses

24 11 2010

I’ll take Jet Li over Randy Couture

1 12 2010

Thanks, man. It’s been a sh*t week and that gave me just the laugh I needed.

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