Chael Sonnen is using XCAP to peak for the Anderson Silva fight at UFC 117

18 07 2010

Recently Chael came to train at Xtreme Couture for his upcoming fight.  At that time, he got extensive advice from Blood Doc John.

Chael is now part of team XCAP and immediately noticed a difference in how he feels before, during and after training.  Chael is a long time friend of Randy Couture, so Chael wanted to follow Randy Couture’s protocols for sports nutrition and longevity that has served Randy so well.

Chael now has access to more of Randy Couture’s supplement secrets.

This is very bad for Chael’s opponents because you have a world class wrestler who advanced his skills to become a world class fighter, who now is working with Randy Couture’s Blood Doc so he will be in peak condition going into fights.

“I really have enjoyed working with Chael.  He cracks me up.  This guy is really funny in an intelligent way.  I like him as a person and that is one of the reasons I spent so much time helping him fine-tune his body.  He was already capable of winning the title and now he just became that much more dangerous.  I am very excited for him” Blood Doc John

Jake Ellenberger, Blood Doc John, Chael Sonnen




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