To Achieve a Goal, Ask yourself a question rather than stating a Rigid Outcome

12 07 2010

I recently read a study that I find fascinating. Here is the link so you can read the entire study. I will summarize below. Blood Doc

Motivating Goal-Directed Behavior through Introspective Self-Talk

There were a series of experiments. One experiment involved solving anagrams. Participants were more likely to solve anagrams if they prepared for the task by asking themselves whether they would work on anagrams as opposed to declaring that they would.

In the following three experiments, merely writing, “Will I” as opposed to “I will” produced better anagram-solving performance and stronger intentions to exercise, suggesting that priming the interrogative structure of self-talk is enough to motivate goal-directed behavior.

How does the way in which you talk to yourself shape your future actions? What if asking yourself a question about your potential behavior increased the likelihood of that behavior?

As introspection often takes the form of self-talk (a conversation with oneself), the language used in this self-talk is likely to affect how the mental contents of the talk are represented.

Several independent lines of research and practice suggest that engaging in interrogative as opposed to declarative talk (e.g., Will I vs. I will) may lead to increased intrinsic motivation.




3 responses

12 07 2010

Very intersting and timely article. I am having some challenges in terms of staying motivated and I believe this will help me to overcome this issue. I mean, “will I” be more motivayed as a result of utilizing this type of exercise. 🙂

13 07 2010

Our own experience and study of performance psychology strongly supports using a question and stating exactly what one will trade-off to achieve their goals and by when. For e.g. “What exactly are we willing to give up to be the best consultants in the MMA field, provide superior MMA products, and services? By what specific date for each major and supporting goal?

31 07 2010

Personally I’ve found The Sedona Method to be the most unbelievable, greatest life changing gift I could have ever expected. It’s a book everyone should check out. It’s based on simple questions and self examination with regards to repressed emotions acting beneath the surface. So why do we get a feeling of complete panic over something that is not life threatening, or something many other people can do with ease? A repressed emotion from the past that once uprooted, can be easily allowed to leave on its own, leaving the person with a feeling of peace and infinite energy.

This book is the sole reason I was able to change my diet, completely flush out a 15 year anxiety disorder, release my overwhelming depression, earn more money and clear up negative relationships from the past and present.

18 dollars and an interest in being happy brought me peace and overwhelming joy.

Much love to you all.

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