Jake Ellenberger is using XCAP to peak for his Aug 1st UFC fight

6 07 2010

Jake Ellenberger (UFC 170lb fighter) is now part of team XCAP and is using XCAP for increasing his recovery time between training sessions and to peak for fights.

“Jake is a good guy. He is very dangerous walking into the UFC cage peaked at 70 to 80%. Now he is learning the tricks with Adrenal Glandular, Xtra Enzymes, O2 Plus and B12 Nitro to go into the fights peaked at 95 to 100%. Now we have a young fighter with dominant skills who is going to be peaked at the right time. This is going to be exciting to watch how his career progresses.” Blood Doc John

XCAP is quite a bit different than other sports supplements.
1. It is the most tested and highest quality product on the market. It is manufactured in a FDA audited facility with a pharmaceutical license.

2. XCAP does not pay athletes to put logos on their shirts and shorts when the athlete does not even use the product. For instance, at every UFC event, you will see sports supplement logos on fighter’s shorts, banners and t-shirts. The athlete is paid for advertising space, yet the athlete does not use the product.

Many of these athletes actually use XCAP for performance, then sell advertising space on their shorts to other companies.

Jake Ellenberger, Dr. John Fitzgerald, Chael Sonnen




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