XCAP Sponsors Mike Pyle at UFC 115

9 06 2010

Mike Pyle, a Xtreme Couture MMA fighter and avid XCAP user is looking forward to a tough fight this weekend against Jesse Lennox.

In preparation for his fight Mike Pyle has been put on the XCAP fighter supplement program helping him peak for this fight.

Below is an article from BjPenn.com

This Saturday’s UFC 115 hosts eleven excellent match-ups. From top to bottom the Vancouver fans are going to get their money’s worth.

In the opening match of the night Mike Pyle (19-7), a 3 time UFC veteran hopes to get back in the win column against the hard hitting Jesse Lennox (11-2). Both coming off losses, this bout is guaranteed to see a level of aggression from the two fighters that will all but guarantee an exciting contest.

“Camps been great, it went smooth. Nice and smooth and I am ready to fight. I have some bumps and bruises but I’m 100% healthy,” Mike Pyle disclosed to BJPENN.COM.

“Lenox is a tough kid; he puts up a good fight, so I’m looking forward to that challenge. I don’t really know where he poses the toughest challenge for me. We will just have to see, once the leather starts flying. We’ll just see where it goes from there. The main strategy is to go in and punch him in his face until he falls down and if that doesn’t work than I’ll move on to plan B. I’m just gonna go in there and give him hell, you can always have a game plan but as soon as you get hit, shit happens and things change, so I’m going to go with the flow and take the kid out.”

Pyle continued…

“In a perfect world I’d like to go in there and slip his big overhand right and take him down right into a choke, but that’s a perfect world. I’d like to just get in there and really showcase some skills that I haven’t got to in the past in the UFC and just really prove to myself that I belong there and that I’m ready to fight the best that’s in the UFC and that’s about it.”

Pyle is coming out of a great camp, has some of the best training partners in the business and an all-star cast working his corner. While, his Xtreme Couture coaches and teammates cannot go in there and fight the fight for him, Mike, believes that his team support is an advantage going into this bout.

“Kampmann, Tyson and I are a bunch of animals in there right now; we are so ready it’s not even funny. It helps out big time that they are both on the card with me. I got Ron Frazier, Randy Couture and Ray Sefo in my corner for this fight. Its awesome working with Randy, he gives you tons of confidence because he’s been there and done that. He’s a wealth of knowledge and it’s great to have him there.”

Mike leaves us with a message for those watching live in Vancouver and those watching at home.

“All the fans that are going to be there in Vancouver, I know you guys are going to be crazy that night. It’s going to be awesome. I’m proud to be out here representing the UFC in the first fight of the night and you can expect a great performance.”




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