Skateboarders says Thanks !

29 03 2010

“I have had a frozen shoulder once before, in my right arm. While I was looking at treatment options, on one of my visits, I saw a surgeon who told me that I would get it in the other shoulder as well… I didn’t believe it until I the right one was about healed and the left started with the symptoms. He was right.”

“I did everything I thought possible to try and fix it, including: physiotherapy, 7 weeks of acupuncture, prolotherapy (injections of vitamins into the shoulder capsule), a cortisone shot (which did nothing), deep tissue massage, bowen treatments, and Laser treatments.”

“If you haven’t had frozen shoulder, I hope you don’t get it…. it’s the most painful, shittiest condition ever. Simple movements are so painfully impossible to do, such as putting on a belt, driving, tattooing (my job), and even playing my guitar!”

“My twin brother Steve, met Dr. John in Las Vegas at a seminar, and on the recommendation of Dr. John, I started taking 40 Xtra EnZymes (from XCAP) per day along with MaxEFA’S, B12 Nitro and Zinc Clutch (all from XCAP).”

“It’s not something that completely heals it over night but as this problem takes almost 2 years for the inflammation to go away, anything that will shorten the healing time is welcome. At the point that I started on the enzymes, I was at about 6 months into the left frozen shoulder.”

“After 6 weeks on the XCAP products, I started noticing a significant reduction in pain. After 2 months there was even less pain. My first frozen shoulder took a year and a half for the pain to go away and almost 22 months to get 90% movement back in the right arm. I am now at 13 months and am starting to do my stretches again. I can skate again with almost no pain… not doing hand plants yet but soon.”

“I FULLY recommend the Xtra EnZymes and MaxEFAs for any chronic joint injury or inflammation. I have been battling this shit for almost 4 years. I wish I had known about these products sooner. Normal medicine prescribed me anti-inflammatories that had really nasty side effects listed on the indications and were no better than Advil. I was eating Advil like candy! The Xtra EnZymes didn’t take the pain away, they took the CAUSE of the pain away. That is what we all want. I wanna say thanks…”

Art Godoy ex-pro skateboarder, tattooer, punk rock guitar player..
black n white photo – 1988
color pic – 2009




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29 03 2010

Awesome mate. i’m keen to get into this stuff

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