“Beyond the Hunt” tv show takes XCAP supplements !!!

26 03 2010

Hunters want to be Healthy too!!

“Beyond the Hunt” tv show on the Outdoor Channel stars husband and wife team Rick and Julie Kreuter.

Rick and Julie are popular stars in the hunting lifestyle. They are both into staying fit and healthy and doing hunts that also require long days of hiking in rugged terrain. It is well known that people who go elk hunting in the mountains often train for a few months to get in shape enough to actually do the hunt.

Over a year ago, Beyond the Hunt had UFC Champions Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia as guests for a hunt. It was a very popular episode with Randy Couture coming out with a turkey. After the show, Rick and Julie picked Randy’s brain about health and longevity. Randy told them about the XCAP supplement line and getting their blood chemistries optimized. XCAP is all about health and longevity. Rick and Julie both loved the XCAP motto “A healthy athlete performs better than an unhealthy athlete”. It is so simple, yet so true.

Rick and Julie were excited and called Dr. John Fitzgerald right away. Julie said that she and Rick wanted to age at a slower rate like Randy. From that conversation started a friendship and now Rick and Julie utilize the latest blood tests to tell them what supplements to take for their health and longevity.

Rick and Julie have said that they really notice a difference in how they feel and look when taking XCAP supplements and following the advice of Blood Doc John (Dr. John Fitzgerald)




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26 03 2010
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