More from the Arnold Classic

14 03 2010

The Arnold Classic was crazy busy and the XCAP booth was one of the most popular booths at the EXPO. One area of interest was that XCAP had the only line of products that are MANUFACTURED IN AN FDA AUDITED FACILITY WITH A PHARMACEUTICAL LICENSE and are based on the top needs of athletes and people that exercise based upon analyzing blood tests.

In addition to being the highest quality and most regulated products, XCAP carries products that are for athletes, health and anti-aging, rather than just a few simple bodybuilding products. Several prominent store owners and athletes noticed that XCAP products do not contain any artificial sweeteners or low quality proteins and low quality vitamins and minerals that are pretty much standard in the sports nutrition world.

We had to laugh when a particular biochemist product formulator stopped by the booth and commented after looking through the XCAP brochure: “These products are of such quality ingredients and testing, I don’t see how using these high quality ingredients XCAP can make any money. The typical industry standard is to use the cheapest ingredients and then put most of the money towards marketing. Yet, XCAP has done completely the opposite. I want to commend Randy Couture and Blood Doc (John Fitzgerald) for obviously putting quality above profit. I have only seen this level of quality products specifically sold to doctors. If the general public knew what I knew, XCAP will be number one in the industry and the only product used by pro athletes”

XCAP was commended after the event by a University researcher as being the healthiest products and linking products that have been only sold to doctors and hospitals and now making those quality products available to the general public.




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