Mineral Depletion in our Food Supply

26 02 2010

One big cause of burn out among athletes is not getting enough minerals (electrolytes).

Sometimes I hear people say that you can just eat well and you get everything you need from food.  That actually hasn’t been true for several generations.

In 1936, some astute scientists were blowing the whistle that commercial fertilizers were not adding back into the soil the nutrients and trace minerals necessary for healthy plants.

“No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health”?

This statement was made at the 74th Congress of the United States way back in 1936.

In 80 years, the amount of calcium in apples has dropped 48%; phosphorous 84%; iron 96%; and magnesium, has dropped 82%.

Today, most industrial farmers have still not learned this lesson. So, year after year soil minerals are depleted.

For example, in 1914 an apple contained almost half the minimum daily requirement of iron, but today you would have to eat 26 apples to get the same amount. Iron is not the only nutrient depleted.

In today’s society, we start with depleted nutrients in our food. Then we process the food to remove the enzymes to make sure they stay on the shelf longer. Then we cook or microwave them, which further inactivates many of the nutrients and food factors.

Look at these statistics focusing on the mineral calcium in a few common foods. In the last 80 years the amount of calcium has declined 81% in cabbage, 92% in lettuce, 56% in spinach, and 48% in apples. These are absolutely massive drops in the mineral levels in our foods.

During the same time period magnesium levels have dropped by 77% in cabbage, 91% in lettuce, 35% in spinach, and as I said earlier, 82% in apples. Iron levels dropped from 60% to 99% in the same vegetables.

These huge drops in mineral levels are occurring in all our fresh foods.  It’s not just fruits and vegetables; the same types of things are happening with chicken, beef, rice etc. We see not only mineral depletions but vitamin reductions as well.

From these statistics you can easily see why it is important to take supplements.




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24 10 2011
Pat Morley

“Sometimes I hear you can just eat well and get everything you need from food. That actually hasnt been true for generations.” read on…….

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