How to get rid of Warts

12 02 2010

by Blood Doc

I frequently tell people “clinical pearls” that work well.  So I thought I would post this one.

Warts are a virus that have been contained but not destroyed.  They indicate that the your immune system is able to isolate the virus but not strong enough to eradicate it.

Try Vita D from XCAP.  Vita D is a highly absorbable vitamin D that we typically take internally.  However, with warts, we also recommend to put a drop of Vita D topically on the wart a few times per day.

Nothing works 100% of the time, but doctors are recommending this little remedy all across the country.

Vitamin D is very important for your immune system and vitamin D is necessary for approximately 2000 of the 30,000 genes that have been mapped out.  So from this you can guess that vitamin D has an effect on aging as well.




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