Questions about Randy Couture’s supplement program

11 02 2010

Questions about Randy’s supplement program

From Blood Doc

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to get that many emails about the post about what supplements Randy Couture takes while in training camp.  Joe Rogan mentioned it during UFC 109 and a lot of people went to the website to check it out.

Here are some common questions:

1.  What is micro nutrient testing?

This test measures the function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential “micronutrients” within your white blood cells.  The blood is drawn in your hometown and then shipped to a specialty lab for this testing.  This is advanced testing that most doctors don’t even realize exists.

2.  Why is all this necessary, Randy didn’t take this stuff when he was 20 yrs old and coming up in wrestling?

This is a great question because I get it all the time.

Think about this for yourself.  What could you personally do when you were 20 yrs old in terms of fitness?  What about age 30?  How about age 40?

Now think of how many pro athletes are still competing at age 30.  Age 35.  How about over age 40?

At 20 years old you can overcome a lot of things.  I remember when I was 20, I could stay out until 5 am, no problem.  Sleep a little, go exercise and do it again the next night.  At 40, I need much more recovery time.

Replacing nutrients and optimizing your body chemistry makes a huge difference the older you are.    Comparing what someone was able to do at 20 years old compared to what you have to do at age 40 to keep up is a relative measurement.

The sooner you start taking care of yourself with a healthy diet and supplements, the better off you will be.

3. My doctor doesn’t run all these tests for nutrients, how did you find out about them?

Some of the more forward thinking organizations that doctors go to such as A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging and IFM Institute of Functional Medicine, have continuing education programs that focus on the latest advancements.

4. Does it really matter where I get my supplements?

Yes it does.  XCAP is manufactured in a FDA audited facility and manufactured with a pharmaceutical license.

Check out any sports supplement and see how they are regulated and where they are made.  You will be shocked when you find the answers to that question.  The typical company sends bids out to providers of raw materials and literally buys the cheapest ingredients they can get from facilities that I wouldn’t dissect a frog in.  Then they put fancy labels on this garbage and say it is the best stuff in the world.  That way, they have the largest profit spread when selling the product.

Think of it this way, you can buy a kit to convert an old Volkswagen to look like a Ferrari.  Some of them actually look good enough that you do a double take when they drive by.  But in reality, it is NOT a Ferrari and does not perform like a Ferrari.

XCAP is the Ferrari of sports supplements.  I can end any argument quickly by simply asking if their products are manufactured in a FDA audited facility and what methods are used to check the raw materials of their ingredients.




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30 03 2010
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i like your posting

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