Press Release – Randy Compares his supplements

15 01 2010

(January, 14 2009) With another UFC fight two weeks away, and another title shot on the horizon, Randy “The Natural” Couture is 46 years old and can tell you exactly how he is able to do it.

(January, 14 2009) In an exclusive interview with (ProFightNetwork Inc.)(PFN) in Las Vegas, NV; Randy “The Natural” Couture told PFN’s president, Chris Greenman, that you get only one body and that it is imperative to only put the best things in it, that is why the UFC icon ran with a Pharmaceutical grade supplement that allows him to compete at 46 years-old.

Chris Greenman, who is the national sales manager for Couture’s coveted line of supplements, XCAP (Xtreme Couture’s Athletic Pharmaceuticals http://www.Xcap.TV), was at lunch and asked Randy how he planned to compete with a flooded market? Couture told Greenman, “When I go talk to kids at schools or sports teams I say the same thing and ask for a volunteer. I ask if I told you that I will buy you any car in the world what you would pick. Most kids will say Ferrari or Bentley etc, but then there is more to my gift. I tell the kids that they can only put the oil from the grandpa’s tractor in their new car, how would that car perform? Well the answer is really simple, you get one body, you only want to put the best ingredients and nutrients in that body you’re dealt with. My product is made to pharmaceutical standards, it’s very high grade, and we know exactly what goes into it. It is expensive to make my line of products because we don’t put fillers, anything artificial, and it there are strict controls in the process. Many times Biotics will reject shipments of ingredients because they don’t meet the standards set forth to be a true pharmaceutical grade. Our profit margin is very small, I want to put the best product out there not a cheap product with a fancy label that I endorse. I believe people will feel the results and it will speak for itself, it is what I use and I am living proof.”

Couture has an impeccable reputation not only in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world but in general and Greenman states that being the number one reason for signing on as Randy’s Sales director. Greenman also told us that he has never endorsed anything that he himself doesn’t use nor have full confidence in, he says XCAP is by far the best product I have ever taken.

Greenman has been in the MMA world his entire life and established after a falling out with UFC legend Chuck Liddell and the website they owned together. Greenman told us, “It’s a complete honor to be working with Randy Couture in any capacity, he is actually the only guy that I didn’t mind beating up my friend Chuck because he is a legend and class act. After Chuck and I parted ways after a 20 year friendship, I told myself I was just going to run my internet businesses and open a few MMA gyms in Southern California. Most importantly, I said I would never get involved in business with another MMA fighter unless it was maybe Couture or Tito Ortiz simply because they get the business end of fighting. The thing about MMA is that it is a complicated and beyond the vast audience’s scope of what it involved, so is business, and most fighters don’t get both.”

“Well God, Lee Honish, or somebody put all this together and PFN was born. With PFN, I make real careful decisions, control the company, and only associate with people or companies whom I respect and have integrity, obviously Randy Couture is on top of that list. One thing I have always admired about Randy is that he always promoted his brand and didn’t have 20 sponsors on his shorts that you can’t read. He is one of the few that is intelligent both in and out of the ring much like Frank Mir and Tito Ortiz to name a few.”

PFN recently renamed it’s popular top rated and number one broadcasted MMA and boxing radio show (Fight_Net Radio) to MMABAY radio this last week, along with teaming with many mainstream affiliates. PFN’s forum is the fastest growing forum in MMA according to Google ranks and the website itself is positioning better each week in Alexa and Google rankings. With several thousand members, many top fighters, celebrities, and NFL football stars, the community is growing and is poised for greatness, apparently just like it’s only endorsed supplement, Randy Couture’s XCAP.

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