Randy Couture – UFC 105 – XCAP’s Advanced Testing

11 11 2009

We get a lot of questions from other professional athletes in the NFL, NBA and MLB who call Xtreme Couture and XCAP wanting to know how Randy Couture continues to perform at such a high level at the age of 46.

Randy Couture has become so with popular among other pro athletes that he was asked by Brett Farve to give the pre-game speech a couple of seasons ago with the Green Bay Packers.  Randy really enjoyed doing it and players were impressed.  Since then, more and more players and media want to know exactly how Randy does it.

With Randy Couture always wanting to be in top physical condition and Blood Doc John always being up on the latest things, we did some other advanced blood tests for Randy at this training camp.

These tests included MicroNutrient and Telomere Testing.

1. MicroNutrient Testing is a next generation blood test for measuring specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients within an individual’s white blood cells (lymphocytes). It is the gold standard for this type of test.

Lymphocytes have a 4- to 6-month lifespan. Thus, lymphocytes provide a history rather than a snapshot of nutrient intake.  Thus, MicroNutrient Testing provides a functional intracellular assessment of nutrient status accumulated in human lymphocytes over their resting lifespan.

With this test we also measured Randy for a total antioxidant function test that assesses the ability of cells to resist damage caused by free radicals and other forms of oxidative stress. Surprisingly enough, athletes typically have high levels of oxidative stress due to the amount of work they put in.  This oxidative stress can shorten the career of an athlete so it is very important to counteract it.  In general, Blood Doc John has athletes make a recovery drink after practice with a scoop of 4Ever Greens from XCAP to neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress.  The rest of the recommendations are very specific to the results of the blood test so Randy’s recommendations are very specific to him.

2. Telomere testing – which measure the tail of the chromosome within your DNA.  This tells us your rate of aging compared to others your age.  We then take steps to reduce the rate at which your body ages.

**** 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine : was given for the discovery of telomeres, the repeated sequences of DNA, and for the discovery of telomerase, the enzyme that builds the telomeres.  As cells divide and replicate their DNA, the chromosomes’ telomeres become shorter.  This limits the number of times a cell can divide and contributes to aging. If the telomeres are too short, cells age.

Randy takes higher dosages of AA Resveratrol and Max EFA’s from XCAP to help the sirtuin genes that have a function in repairing double stranded DNA breaks that occur as we age.  This apparatus also plays an important role in controlling the length of the telomere.

If you would like to have this workup done on yourself, contact Dr. John Fitzgerald aka Blood Doc.  We also have specific programs for other professional athletes who wish to do all they can to lengthen their careers.

For more information on XCAP please visit www.xcap.tv




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