More stuff on the Flu

22 10 2009

We look at statistics for this blog and our most popular blog to date has been about Quercetin and the Flu.  Since there is so much interest in the Flu right now, I will share a few things that our athletes do to strengthen their immune systems.

  1. Take Vita D
  2. Take Adrenal Balance
  3. Make a shake with Whey Isolate and 4 Ever Greens
  4. Take AA Resveratrol

Full explanations of each product are on the product page.

Prevention Foods and Lifestyle

Everybody wants more immune competence. How about limiting our “immune suppressors?” Let’s reduce the things that slow our natural immune system down. Three immune suppressors that you have direct control over are dehydration, stress, and sugar.

So much has been said about sugar but here is a quick reminder about the importance of reducing sugar intake. One sugar related study showed that immune cells in a “no sugar” group destroyed 14 times more bacteria than the “high sugar” group. Reducing sugar consumption is critical and this includes the reduction of simple carbohydrates.

(Yet another reason that I don’t agree with gulping down a bunch of corn sugar such as maltodextrin after a workout)

We also hear about supporting the immune system with botanicals or antiviral drugs. Let’s review some basics that go a long way to augment the body’s ability to fight disease. One of the greatest immune enhancers is sleep. Sleep is natures greatest repair mechanism. I heard one researcher say the greatest antioxidant we possess is a good night’s sleep.

Another thing we often forget about is to assure that the superhighway of the lymph system is open to carry immune fighting WBC’s and remove toxins. We can do that by increasing movement or exercise. Finally, every day we learn more about the phytochemical (High levels are in 4 Ever Greens) effects of foods particularly fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Basic foods can be more powerful than pharmaceutical agents and without the side effects.

So increase water, reduce sugar and processed food intake, get sufficient rest, reduce stress, use movement to keep the fluids moving, increase fruits and vegetables to 10 servings a day. Increase the amount of color you consume in foods, ditch the white, increase the color. Also, boost consumption of garlic, ginger, and green tea.

This is good, sound advice rather if you are a professional athlete, a high school athlete, Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianko or Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings for that matter.




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20 01 2010

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