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20 10 2009

I have updated my personal website for those of you who want a little more information about what I do.

There are many pictures including Randy Couture, Ray Sefo, Gray Maynard, Jay Hieron, Martin Kampmann, Phil Friedman, Shawn Tompkins, Frank Trigg, Vitor Belfort , Elena Reid, Gil Martinez, Sam Stout, Chris Horodecki, Brice Ritani-Coe, Kui, Phil Baroni, Josh Burkman, John Juarez, Jake Bonacci, Brock Lesner and Kim Couture.

I do a lot of work with Xtreme Couture and Tapout Gym in the sport of MMA.  We are seeing much more interest with the NBA and NFL.




One response

23 01 2010
Tobin Goodgame

Hi Dr. John,

Im friends with Tricia – Randy’s girlfriend.. She said that Randy recommended that i use you if I wanted to get some blood work done.. Here recently I’ve been training pretty hard and just trying to put my body in the best possible shape that I can be in..I would love to get you to take a look at my blood work.I guess let me know what I should do to make this happen.

Thanks a lot-look forward to working with you!


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