Randy Couture’s Not So Secret Weapon: Dr. John Fitzgerald

8 10 2009

This is an article from Takedown Radio by Scott Casber:

In October of 2008, Xtreme Couture welcomed Dr. John Fitzgerald aka “The Blood Doc” to their staff.

Dr. John Fitzgerald has always been involved in athletics.  He was an All-State Linebacker in Iowa and set a school record for the most tackles in a season.  He was then elected into his high school football hall of fame in 2006.

After college, John opened a clinic that focused on both Nutritional medicine and chiropractic.  In 1996, he started doing a radio show that was focused on nutritional medicine.  He ended up being on the radio for 5 years on 4 different stations that had coverage in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  His practice rapidly grew to over 3000 patients with an emphasis on Nutritional medicine.

In 1998, John was asked to be the team doctor for the Carolina Hurricanes which were a team in the now defunct minor league to the NFL.  His focus with this team was on sports performance and to help players advance to the NFL, World League and USFL.  John became known for helping athletes get the most out of their bodies.

He has worked with many college and professional athletes primarily in football, tennis, boxing, wrestling, power lifting and now MMA.




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